WATCH: After CNN’s Don Lemon Attempts To Race-Bait, Morgan Freeman TOTALLY DESTROYS Him

morgan freeman

There is no question that in this day and age of race-baiting and the left’s attempts to smear even the most decent people as racist, terrible people. However, something that we all can take heart in is that there are certain individuals who see the nonsense of this approach.

Take Morgan Freeman, for example. He was actually interviewed by CNN‘s Don Lemon (and this was in 2014, no less!) and even though the far-left Lemon tried the best he could, Freeman just totally cleaned this liberal’s clock!

Take, for example, the first question that Lemon had:

“Do you think that race makes a difference in wealth distribution?” He asked.

Freeman fired back lightning fast. “Today?” He asked rhetorically. “No!” he said emphatically.

Morgan Freeman definitely seems like an old-school guy, and he was proud of how far he made it. “I came from Memphis, Tennessee. Now that’s a long-haul from where I came from to here, but here we are!” Don Lemon didn’t have much to say, and that was putting it mildly.

If that had been the whole exchange, that alone would have a been a thing of beauty from this great African-American movie star. However, Lemon attempted a rebuttal, but Freeman was having none of it.


“Well, everybody hears that all the time, this pull yourself up by your bootstraps nonsense,” Lemon said indignantly to this Hollywood legend. “Not everybody can do that.”

Freeman capped it off with his next comeback. “B.S.,” he said, except he spelled it out completely. “Everybody can!” There you go, folks. I’ll leave it at that. Frankly, I couldn’t have said it better myself. One of the most eloquent actors of this age just told us like it is. If only this Black Lives Matter crowd would take a page out of their own legend’s book. If only…


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