WaPo Reporters Caught Celebrating Impeachment

Wapo Team
Photo via Mark Dice Twitter

Journalists are supposed to be unbiased, right?

Then could someone please explain why the staff at the Washington Post was having a “Merry Impeachmas” celebration?

Caught You!

After the impeachment votes were counted and Trump was impeached in the House, the WaPo staff apparently decided to throw down a few drinks to celebrate the victory.

One of the WaPo staff members for some reason thought it would be a good idea to tweet about it.

The tweet was later deleted, but screenshots were taken to preserve it for everyone to see…

Not long after the tweet went out, people started hammering WaPo for their so-called journalist actually toasting to Trump being impeached.

About six hours later, the journalist that sent out the Tweet, Racheal Bade, deleted it.

She then sent out another tweet saying how everyone misinterpreted her tweet…

So, hoisting glasses and saying Merry Impeachmas was wrongly interpreted as a celebration of Trump being impeached in the House. Got it.

After the tweet started to go viral, WaPo was put on damage control.

The next day, WaPo’s Vice President of Communications, Kristine Coratti Kelly told the Daily Caller, this was much ado about nothing.

She stated, “The reporter who sent out this ill-considered tweet was celebrating being off the clock after a long day covering impeachment.

“She wasn’t celebrating impeachment.”

Then say “glad it’s over,” or “here’s to finally being off work.”

Bade did not say that, she said, “Merry Impeachmas” for all to see (at least until it was deleted).

You have seen the picture and you have heard the excuse, so you make your own judgment on whether or not you believe that as well as if you think today’s media is capable of giving Trump a fair shake in the papers.