Walmart Made Disgusting New Rule That Is Turning Americans Stomachs

Photo Courtesy of Mike Mozart via Creative Commons License

Walk into most Walmart’s as a customer, man or woman, and you can have access to every part of the store except the bathroom of the opposite sex (unless, of course, you “identify” as a transgender).

That policy is just a bit different in one store in Michigan, however, and it may soon impact all Walmart stores.

Men Not Welcome

These days, it is not unusual for men to wait for their wives while they get their hair done or some other salon service.

In Taylor, MI, however, that is not longer the case at a local Walmart.

The store has a new policy in place that was introduced by a small sign being placed outside the Smart Style Salon.

The sign banned men from entering the salon.

The reason… a Muslim woman does not want men in the salon.

Overrunning Our Country

The actions taken in Michigan are very similar to what we are seeing in other states in this country that are starting to get overrun by Muslim populations.

Look at the damage done to our country already by Rep. Ilhan Omar from Minnesota.

Like Michigan, the Muslim population in Minnesota continues to grow.

Recently, Omar even took the side of the leader of a designated terrorist organization over our President!

If these people want to come to our country, they need to assimilate to our ways, now we to theirs.

This is America and we will never bow to Sharia!