Voter FRAUD Uncovered as Democrats Push to Rig the Election


During the election last night, many conservatives called voter fraud after President Trump mysteriously lost his significant lead in multiple swing states, and leftist media refused to call states that clearly showed a Trump win.

President Trump had a decent lead in Wisconsin and Michigan, but this morning, Joe Biden miraculously took the lead. Conservatives are concerned about voter fraud.

Somehow, during the night Wisconsin had a huge dump of votes, all for Biden, notice the change in the blue line below:

Overnight, Joe Biden took the lead in Wisconsin, but one Twitter user showed that this was possibly due to voter fraud:

Milwaukee also had some suspicious actions and delayed reporting:

Now look at Michigan.

President Trump had a significant lead in Michigan late last night, when all of a sudden Joe Biden jumped up nearly 150,000 votes and took the lead over President Trump.

Other Twitter users are calling for an FBI investigation into these strange events. One such user stated: “I’ve done hand ballot recounts in NY. Those vertical lines in Michigan & Wisconsin are not statistically improbable, they’re outright impossible. This is outright voter fraud & the @FBI must immediately investigate this.”

Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe tweeted that has already received “nearly 1,000 tips about potential voter fraud in the 2020 Presidential Election,” and says that they are “processing them as fast as possible & sending cameras where they are needed.”


  1. Why do you think that the demoncrat party sent out 80 million mail in ballots? Would you get a mail in ballot if you were a Republican? They knew they couldn’t win a fair election so they cheated to steal the election.

  2. I know about the fraud and experienced it when I ran for office three times in a row. I got more votes everytime but always lost the next day as absentee ballots were tallied. And each time it added up to 1000 votes. So 2300 first time and lost by 1000 absentee votes. 3200 second time and lost by 1000 absentee ballots. 4300 votes third time and lost the next day by 1000 votes. No matter how many more people voted for me the absentee total was always 1000 votes more for the 18 year incumbent democrat…

  3. Clicked on charts and they are now from a suspended tweeter account. Like to hear that reasoning.
    Friend said Sharpie pens were given as gifts to Republican voters at voting stations to make their ballots. Sharpies will not be read by voting machines.

  4. Meanwhile, back in DC Durham and Barr have issued INDICTMENTS against the Biden family members for hundreds of CRIMINAL ACTS INVOLVING POLITICAL CORRUPTION….


    not yet?


  5. We must keep fighting! If not, we will never have an honest election again. If Democrats want to talk about Voter Disenfranchisement? This will be the biggest cause of VOTER DISENFRANCHISEMENT IN THE HISTORY OF OUR COUNTRY!!!!!

  6. There must be a full investigation to the point that all the fraud is discovered, and those responsible MUST be held accountable. If we have to go to the Supreme Court, we must correct this horrible injustice. We must clean this up. If it is not corrected, then we become no better than any 3rd world country where they have 1 person only running for office and no other. America cannot become that kind of dictatorial country where everyone is told; Go vote! And there is only 1 person to vote for. This is Communism worse then Socialism. Trump is the winner of this election, and he must prevail. We the people must prevail. We need to pray each morning that righteousness is upheld, and that good and morality wins out. Not cheating and lies.

  7. Same thing happened in Alabama last election. Just before midnight, four times as many votes as ever before showed up? People up to age 119 voted!
    Strange, oldest living person is recorded as “Age 114? Good ole “Black Belt”. We got Doug Jones out this election, too many voted for Tommy Tuberville
    for them to overcome. I hope Joe and Hunter are in Orange jumpsuits soon? Would love to see several others join them!

  8. I wonder if anyone has ever seen an election where the democrats were treated like the democrats in the cities are treating the Republicans. Chicago, Detroit, Philadelphia, Milwaukee and Atlanta are creating votes. It’s always is that way and why we know that is “know thy enemy”. The democrats are what they are.

  9. The FBI??? You trust the disgraceful, discredited, worthless FBI?? They are behind the Obama crap! And certainly it is up to We The People to get to the bottom of this Fraud and confront the damned worthless politicians who own these electronic machines that NO ONE MENTIONED we would be using for 2020. I think a tight noose is in order here Dianne, Nancy? Dont you agree??


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