Virginia Activates Militia to Defend Constitutional Rights

Virginia Militia
Photo via VA2A YouTube Video Screenshot

For the last two years, I can’t remember how many times I said civil war was brewing in this country.

It now appears as though it has officially begun and the cause will be led by the state of Virginia.

Bold Move

The state of Virginia has been all over the news the last few weeks as counties throughout the state are approving the activation of the militia.

In an effort to defend the Constitution and their Second Amendment rights, Tazewell County has declared itself a Second Amendment sanctuary county.

Members also voted to activate the local militia.

This was a decision that was reached unanimously, with several hundred residents in the audience cheering the vote.

Won’t Enforce Gun-Grab Laws

At the heart of this movement is the enforcement of gun-grabbing laws.


If the state wants to buckle the counties, it can attempt to withhold state funding for programs outside of law enforcement.

However, that would be a rather bad look for Governor Northam, whose Democrat Party went off the rails when Trump tried to hold back federal funding for sanctuary cities earlier this year.

Even so, both Governor Northam and Congressman McEachin have warned these counties that such measures may be taken if they do not succumb.

Ironically, it is the very people of Virginia that have created this problem by electing Northam into office in the first place.

Activating the Militia

In an effort to maintain their 2A rights and, hopefully, not lose state funding, the country thought opting for the militia was the more strategic move.

Eric Young, the county administrator, stated, “Our position is that Article 1, Section 13, of the Constitution of Virginia reserves the right to ‘order’ militia to the localities.

“Therefore, counties, not the state, determine what types of arms may be carried in their territory and by whom.

“So, we are ‘ordering’ the militia by making sure everyone can own a gun.”

Doing this will prevent state officials from being able to remove lawfully owned weapons from these citizens.

To support this effort, the county has also ordered concealed weapons training for county residents legally able to own a gun.

Additionally, firearms training programs are now being requested for schools.

With Virginia being part of the “blue wave” that took over Congress in 2018 and the governor’s mansion, this is a rather significant movement in a swing state that was part of that wave.

We warned everyone what would happen if they gave Democrats power… let this serve as a wakeup call as to what will happen if we love the 2020 election and hand the White House and Senate back to Democrats. 

You can read the full report on Law Enforcement Today (link at bottom of the article).