Viral Video Exposes Just How Bad Homelessness Problem is in California

CA Homelessness Problem
Photo via Michael Coudrey Twitter Video Screenshot

Apparently, in California, your personal property is no longer your personal property when it comes to the homeless.

A video is absolutely blowing up on Twitter right now over what a CA man found when he got home one day…

No Rights?

Now, if you watched that video, you saw how the homeless allegedly took over the man’s home.

Can you imagine coming home to that mess and being told by police officers you could not do anything to their property or you would be in trouble?

If that video is authentic, it just goes to show how much the state of California has lost its way.

Homeless in California

The situation in California is bad and it is only getting worse.


We have seen reports for months of the homeless literally defecating in the streets.

There is one picture that has been quite prominent, of a man doing his business mere feet from the sidewalk of an outdoor café, yet everyone is going about their business as though nothing is happening.

California currently accounts for about 25 percent of all homeless in our country yet the politicians representing this state seem afraid to do anything about it.

The largest counties facing this problem are Alameda, Los Angeles, San Diego, and Santa Clara.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), by the way, represents one of these areas.

It is estimated that almost 70 percent of the homeless in CA are unsheltered, which is why you see the problems that man is facing in that video.

Now, if you want even more disturbing numbers, add New York to the equation, adding more than 90,000 more homeless, which then accounts for almost half the population of homeless in our country.

The elected officials of these two states were, by and large, the architects of the impeachment effort against Donald Trump.

So, while their citizens are literally using their streets as their living rooms and bathrooms, elected officials are more worried about a hoax impeachment than then they are addressing the real issues of this country.

This should tell you all you need to know about who to pull the handle for on election day.


  1. I’d have thrown their “property” over the fence and have let the police arrest me. My defense in court would’ve been since when do we live in a fascist state?

    Fascism is an economic model in which the STATE dictates the utilization of private assets to achieve public policy goals.

    Upon losing, and I’d have in a socialist/communist CA court guaranteed, I’d have gotten publicity to finance an appeal to a federal court. John Locke, one of the great political philosophers Western Civilization, posited that without private property rights there can be no political rights.

    Oh, and I wouldn’t have used the term “frack” so as not to disturb sensitive spirits like myself who believe in keeping a .44 magnum handy.


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