Video: What REALLY Went Down at Capitol

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Capitol police opened doors for protestors, then stood aside and invited them inside. Many even took pictures with the protestors. Don’t let the mainstream media spin this as some kind of terror attack.

Capitol incident was not a coup or a terror attack

Thousands of good patriotic Americans showed up to our nation’s Capitol to protest the fraudulent election. Their demands were clear. A ten day emergency audit of the votes.

Many people who were at the Capitol on Wednesday thought they were allowed to be there. As you can see in the video, Capitol Police at one entrance opened the door and let the protesters in.

Indeed there were some bad actors in attendance. People smashing doors and windows and scuffling with Capitol police. However, the mainstream media is completely blowing this out of proportion.

The Left is calling this a “coup attempt.” Well, if this was an attempted coup it’s probably the most embarrassing failure in human history. Many of the protestors took silly pictures inside the Capitol. One man lit up a joint in the Rotunda and talked to reporters on camera. Another walked out with Nancy Pelosi’s lectern. Not exactly a Special Forces operation.

Fake News Media continues to demonize the Right

Yet still, the Left-wing media wants you to believe this was a deadly terror attack incited by President Donald Trump. In a stunning move, the House of Representatives just impeached President Trump for the second time. What did he say exactly?


During his speech that day in Washington DC, President Trump told his supporters to “March down to the Capitol to peacefully and patriotically have your voices heard.”

The Left insists this was some sort of dog whistle or code, instructing his voters to murder Capitol police officers. The fake news media is full of crap, as usual.

All year during the George Floyd riots, President Trump has been standing for law and order. And it was no different on January 6. Once the crowd got out of control, Trump immediately took to twitter and told people to go home peacefully and to respect Capitol police.

Now let’s talk about the 5 dead from the riots at the Capitol. One was an unarmed Trump supporter shot dead by Capitol police with no warning. Three others had “medical emergencies” during the event, likely heart attacks. Another was a police officer who “passed away after engaging with protesters.” Details around the officer’s death remain unclear. Some are reporting that he had a stroke after getting hit in the head.

These deaths are tragedies and should not be downplayed. Trespassing, vandalizing property and assault are crimes and there’s no excuse. However, the death toll does not indicate a planned terror attack by a group aiming to harm and murder. The evidence suggests this was a protest that spiraled out of control.

If the Left is going to impeach President Trump for giving a passionate speech, then half of DC would be guilty as well. The double standards are painfully obvious.


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