Video: Violent Gun Fight Erupts Between Thug and Multiple Chicago Police Officers


A prisoner shot three Chicago police officers while he was in the process of being transported to the police station.

On the morning of July 30, the prisoner was loaded into a police van and in transportation to the 25th District police station to be booked, the Chicago Times reported.

Prisoner Gets Gun Inside Police Vehicle

The 25-year-old should have been searched before being loaded inside the vehicle, but somehow he was able to bring a gun in with him. He was paroled just three months prior on a gun conviction charge.

The prisoner’s latest jail stent revolved around carjacking and as the police van pulled behind the police station, the suspect open fired on officers as they opened the vehicle doors.

Multiple Officer Shot by Thug

Officers shot back and a long incident occurred behind the police station. The extent of the officers’ injuries is not entirely known yet, but Chicago Police Superintendent David Brown told reporters that one of the officers was shot in the chin and his bulletproof vest.

Brown also said a bullet hit another officer in his vest, but the round did not go through the ballistic armor. A third officer was shot in the hip and a fourth officer was taken to the hospital with chest pain.


According to reports, the officer who was shot in the chin is a 17-year CDP veteran and in serious condition.

The gunman received several gunshots, but no information is available yet as to his condition. Court records show he has been sent to prison four times. His convictions include illegal gun possession by a felon, two felony drug convictions, and aggravated assault with a vehicle.

Officers Show True Heroism

“I want to strongly emphasize the inherent danger that these and all Chicago police officers experience every day protecting the residents of Chicago,” Superintendent Brown said. ”When they leave home, they leave their loved ones and put these stars on and risk everything. They risk everything protecting all of us.”

Cellphone video footage was posted on social media of the intense gunfight. From the looks of it, it appears that the person filming was behind a barbed-wire fence on the other side of a field where the fight ensued. You cannot see the gunfire in the footage, but over 50 gunshots can be heard.

“I ask everyone in our city to join me in praying for the Chicago police officers shot and injured this morning in the line of duty,” Mayor Lori Lightfoot tweeted Thursday.
“Today is a searing reminder of the danger our men and women of our police department face every day they put on their uniforms and leave their homes. This is the sacrifice they make in order to serve and protect our city and fellow residents.”

Anti Officers Protest Planned at Gunshooting Scene

After the shooting, word spread that protesters were planning on showing up at the police station in the 25th District.


  1. The police need to start killing these arsonist’s and rioters ,if they don’t , they will for sure kill the police and anyone else that gets in their way It seems like they have nor respect for any thing nor for anyone ,backing the Police ,100% !!!

  2. It’s getting to be a waste of time to comment anymore. As all these sites are using communist China style moderators, or as I call them, speech police are deleting comments THEY don’t like. These sites are abusing, and killing the constitution.

  3. We need to take back our towns, cities, our country from rioters, anarchists, treasonists and traiters!!
    All support and well wishes to our police and our president!

  4. Here is an opportunity to save time, lives and money, while making Chicago a safer place for all. When the protesters show up, shoot them all. They will all likely require shooting sometime in the near future.


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