Video: The Unvarnished Truth About Democrats

James Woods' Tweet:
James Woods' Tweet: "We Are Democrats"

James Woods recently shared a video titled “We Are Democrats” in a tweet about the riots, where the audio from a Democrat campaign ad was dubbed over the video.

For each statement, a clip of the riots is shown.

The video begins by asking: “As Democrats, what are we fighting for?” while it shows a group of black masked individuals running through the streets, smashing windows and knocking over trash cans, waving black and red flags.

“For the workers, for the dreamers and asylum-seekers,” the narrator states as the rioters chase after a car, beating on the vehicle and screaming obscenities.

“For those with disabilities,” as it shows rioters knocking a disabled person out of their wheelchair and beating them.

“For seniors,” as it shows the rioters attacking elderly women, throwing paint on them and screaming in their faces.


“For safer schools,” as it shows rioters smashing the windows of a school bus that is driving past them.

“[Safer] neighborhoods, and communities,” as it shows hundreds of rioters running through the streets, and a rioter kicking an unconscious person in the head in the middle of the street.

“For secure retirement,” as it shows rioters and looters smashing the windows of a bank.

“For opportunity,” as it shows looters robbing what appears to be an Apple store.

“For our country,” as it shows the Chinese Communist Party raising their flag.

It ends by saying “We are the party of the people, we are Democrats,” showing video of rioters beating a man with baseball bats, and setting fires.

Comments on the video are calling it the most honest Democrat campaign ad ever.



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