(Video) SUV Plows Right Through Protesters


An SUV was caught on camera as it plows through a group of protesters in Buffalo, New York. The protesters were scuffling with cops and were whipped into a frenzy by the deep state minions of George Soros. This driver got away with it because he ran over cops. In Virginia things went the other way around.

SUV driver assaults cops, gets away with it

After rioters moved from Niagara Square through the town of Buffalo they started clashing with police on Bailey avenue near their E-District station. Cops fired rubber bullets and dove headlong into the crowd as officers in the rear lobbed tear gas. After a couple moments of battle, “a black SUV moves into frame forcing the large group of police officers to scramble away for safety.” It didn’t slow one bit as cops blazed away at it with rubber bullets.

Two police officers were injured when struck by the SUV and the police advise the “injuries appear serious in nature.” Both officers were taken to the local hospital. No arrests have been reported in the New York case because the only ones injured were police.

In Virgina, a very similar incident had an entirely different outcome. Under Virginia law, Ku Klux Klan members are now required to yield the right of way to black looters while driving their SUV on public roadways. The man who allegedly plowed through a crowd of Virginia protesters in a black SUV turns out to be an “admitted leader of the Ku Klux Klan and a propagandist for Confederate ideology.”

Anarchists no match for speeding SUV

The suburban assault vehicle, or “SUV” as most people call them, that scattered a crowd of anarchists in Virginia was allegedly driven by an “admitted leader of the Ku Klux Klan. The protesters weren’t peaceful. They were out to burn, loot and cause mayhem in the name of George Soros.

Harry Rogers considers himself “a propagandist for Confederate ideology.” At least, that’s what the Henrico County Commonwealth’s Attorney argues. The 36-year-old assailant has been charged with “attempted malicious wounding, felony vandalism, and assault and battery.” He’s being held without bond until he goes back to court. That’s set for August 18.

George Floyd supporting anarchists waving Black Lives Matter signs and blocking the public roadway were vocal about how useless the police are. They didn’t hesitate long before calling the police to rescue them, dialing 911 faster than you can say “brutality.”


Rioters allowed to invade the roadway

They couldn’t wait to tell Richmond Police that a vehicle had “revved their engine and drove through the protesters occupying the roadway,” officers relate. They forget to mention that the roadway is supposed to remain unobstructed during “peaceful” protests so an SUV can harmlessly drive on through. The road was obstructed by rioters but none of them were charged.

The 911 calling “victim” who learned that no matter how angry you are, the laws of physics can’t be broken, “was checked by rescue at the scene and refused further treatment.” The liberal county prosecutor is “grateful that the victim’s injuries do not appear to be serious.” The anarchist was obstructing traffic and thought he could stand his ground like a couple idiots did successfully in Minnesota to stop a semi. But, “an attack on peaceful protesters is heinous and despicable,” so, Attorney Shannon Taylor plans to “prosecute to the fullest extent of the law.”

Rogers is going to face extra charges. The police are ignoring the “hate crimes” of the Black Lives Matter rioters but “due to Rogers’ admitted association with the KKK, they are investigating whether hate crimes charges are appropriate” in his case. CNN “reached out” to Rogers’ attorney but he’s smart enough not to answer. He’s spending his time more productively to show that right-wing extremists matter too. Anyone at all has the right to drive their SUV on a public roadway and anyone who tries to stop them is the one breaking the law. That is, if the rule of law really matters anymore.



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