Video Suggests They are Invalidating Trump Votes By Simple Means

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Shocking news out of Maricopa Country Arizona suggests thousands of Trump votes may have been invalidated. Workers at one polling location instructed voters to use a Sharpie marker to fill out ballots. The ballots marked by Sharpies were later found to be invalid.

Voter fraud suspected

Americans across the country were shocked when Arizona turned blue election night. Fox News called the state for Joe Biden with just 80% of the votes counted. The Trump campaign insists that Arizona is still in play as votes continue to be counted days after the election. The election outcome hangs on several battleground states as they continue to calculate votes. Many are suspecting foul play.

Now a new accusation of voter fraud has emerged. Maricopa County residents are claiming staff at one polling station were handing out Sharpie markers to voters. Apparently, only ball point pens can be used to fill out ballots and using a Sharpie makes the ballot invalid because the machines can’t read them. Maricopa is a traditionally red county which would be majority Trump votes.

Residents of Maricopa were furious. One Trump supporter said, “My husband’s ballot was invalid on-site after being told to use a sharpie and not a pen he brought. The lady told him not to worry and that it would be counted later. It’s showing that he never voted!!!!” Maricopa County election officials have assured residents that they are counting all ballots, including the ones where Sharpies were used. They released their own video attempting to clear up any confusion.

Maricopa promises to count all votes

The question still remains, why did polling staff hand out Sharpie markers when ball point pens are acceptable? And why did they go so far as to yell at people who were sharing ball point pens with fellow voters outside? Something seems odd.

Tensions are escalating now, with hundreds of angry Trump supporters gathered outside of the Maricopa County election office. Many voters are openly carrying firearms while chanting “count the votes!” Others are shouting “Shame on Fox!”

Fox News called Arizona for Biden with just 80% of the votes calculated and Biden showing a narrow lead. Meanwhile, multiple states where Trump was leading by a larger margin have still not been called. Many Conservatives are now calling Fox “fake news” and vowing to boycott the network. Is Arizona still MAGA country? Or has the state been infiltrated with enough California transplants to turn it blue? We should find out soon enough.


  1. I cancelled every newsletter and messages associated with Fox News. Put the slime lying network in the fake news basket. I have turned to Newsmax, do yourself a favor and tune in to a network that is what fox used to be, Patriotic and fair in their reporting. I feel sorry for the America loving truthful people at fox, don’t know how they can put up the stench. I can’t, hope the pillow man spends his ad money with a reliable network like Newsmax and to fox I say do miami ume cock bul cock toi, the spelling may be off, but thousands of Veterans know what I am saying.


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