Video Proves Kamala Harris Has Been Plotting Against Trump Since Election

Kamala Harris

Senator Kamala Harris (D-CA) was trying to appeal to emotion by releasing a video that was taken immediately after the election this weekend.

However, all she really did was prove that she, like most Democrats, has been working against this president from Day One.

Always Using the Children

Democrats are on a massive kick to use children during this election cycle.

Harris, bowing to that theme, used a story about her nephew, who is also her godson, being distraught over the election of Trump.

While I am still trying to digest how a small child can be so distressed over a presidential election, it is Harris’ vow to fix the result of the election that really bothers me…

Negative from the Start

Notice how Harris never said we need to give this guy a chance?

Notice how there was never even a hint of saying let’s find a way to work with this administration?

This level of obstruction is unprecedented in our government.

This was a woman who had just won her own seat and right out of the gate, she was looking to fight against the president We the People elected to represent us.

Just listen to her last words… “We’re going to have to fight.”

Well, fight they did, because Harris was among the first to push the impeachment and racist angles.

Her ideas are so popular she is not even the first candidate of choice in California, her home state.

While her state burns in wildfires, she remains on the campaign trail.

Kamala Harris never had any intention of representing her people. All she really ever wanted to do was fight the will of We the People.

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