Video: Pastor Greg Locke ‘I am not a Sheep’ I am NOT in Compliance, I am in DEFIANCE


A bold outspoken pastor, Greg Locke made a viral Facebook video discussing why he does not wear a mask nor require his congregation to wear one.

The leader of Global Vision Bible Church in Tennessee, Locke is a public President Donald Trump fan and is very against the stripping of Americans’ constitutional rights in the midst of the coronavirus.

Pastor Locke Comes Out Swinging

He starts off the video by saying: “Let me just go ahead and warn you upfront, as with many of my videos, not only do you want to buckle in and buckle up and hold on for the ride, some of you may not be able to make the leap with me after this because I’m pretty spitting mad about a bunch of nonsense.”

“Do you know that there has been nothing in the American culture and nothing in the church of the Lord Jesus Christ that has separated the body more than these stupid things right here,” he continues.

He picks up a mask to which he was referring to.

“We call them safety precautions. Know what these are – these are gags, ladies and gentlemen. These have become idols. These don’t do anything whatsoever. They’re the dumbest thing to ever be created by humanity.

Dunkin Donuts Showdown

Locke then discusses how he was in Dunkin Donuts and was told he had to wear a mask, even though he had been to the same store for the past several days without a mask on.

“We don’t require masks in our church and listen, we probably had 450 people crammed into a tent this past weekend. Two people in the whole place had a mask.”

He says that he only does not mandate his congregation to wear masks, he actually discourages it.

“I am not bowing down. I’m not in compliance, I’m in utter defiance of this.”

“I will go to jail over this. This is the golden calf. I’m sick of Christians saying it’s just a mask… It’s not just a mask, it’s a compliance device. This is not about safety, this is about surrendering of our rights,” Locke passionately relays.

“We are one election away from losing everything.”

Coronavirus Hypocrisy Exposed

He pointed out the sheer hypocrisy over the mask issue. Posing the question he asks a hypothetical audience of if their masks work, then why does he have to wear one. He also debunks its about health argument by asking why cigarettes and fast food are still allowed since they are much bigger dangers to public health than COVID is.

“We’ve jumped 50 years prophetically in the last six months in 2020 in the United States and around the world.”

He talks about the freedom stripping power the mask represents and how both the constitution and the Bible supports Christians deciding not to wear the compliancy cloth muzzle. Pointing out liberal hypocrisy, he discusses how Dr. Fauci even has been spotted multiple times out in public without a mask on.

As politicians continue to strip churches of freedoms, pastors like Locke have had enough and are fighting back.


  1. I wish you were my Pastor. I have been saying the same things since this all began. My take is that this never would have been blown out of proportion if Hillary was already president. The deep state and MSM would have never destroyed the economy in an election year. The hatred for Trump runs very deep.


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