Video Captures Final Moments Leading Up to the Murder of Jay Bishop


In a newly released video, details of the murder of Jay Bishop were uncovered and showed the brutality of his killing.

Targeted for Being a Trump Supporter

As the streets of Portland, Oregon continue to be an epicenter of ANTIFA violence, Bishop was murdered in the streets for being a President Trump supporter.

There was not a fight or incident that spurred the violence. He was simply gunned down because he was carrying a Blue Lives Matter flag.

In a now newly released video, a voice can be heard saying, “We got a Trumper right here” just before gunshots rang out.

The latest evidence just builds to the mounting case that Bishop was indeed hunted down because he was a Trump supporter.

Watch here:


The video records someone saying, “Hey, we got one right here! We got one right here!”

Witness Relays the Murder of Bishop

The person who filmed the incident relayed what went down:

“On August 29th, 2020 I went into downtown Portland Oregon to film the Trump 2020 Cruise Rally that began at Clackamas Town Center and Passed through the heart of Downtown Portland. When the cruise rally was over I made my way toward the justice center to see what was happening over there before going home. I was done filming but I was still rolling my camera when some commotion happened in the street next to me. A man loudly says “hey we got a couple of them right here” and I hear two gunshots in succession. I raise my camera as I flee for cover. I instantly step into the inlet entrance of a business to the right of me and turn and point my camera to the street. Then I see a dead man lying in the street 10 feet in front of me. I was like a deer in the headlights and in almost total disbelief. It was over as soon as it started. I was just standing there filming a man that I instantly presumed to be dead as his friend tended to him as well as street medics in black block who were on the scene. I continued to film and then left the scene when police cleared the entire block to declare it an official crime scene. I am shocked, horrified and deeply saddened by this act of hatred and bigotry that has played out tonight within my proximity. I have been concerned about the political violence in the streets of my home town for just over 4 years now. I have been deeply concerned about someone being killed at a rally or protest for about the last 2 of those years. Tonight that concern became a reality and it took place right next to me in the blink of an eye. The tension in Portland is at an all-time high now and it breaks my heart. Elections are coming and it feels like it is only going to get worse. God help us all.”

As Election Gets Closer, Violence Grows

As the 2020 presidential election gets closer, violence and chaos grow. Jay Bishop is an example of the extreme hate some of ANTIFA members have for Trump supporters and it shows they will stop at nothing short of murder at times.


  1. i guess the BLM and ANTIFA are getting ready to start killing white people now, as seen in this film . both of these groups should be dealt the same justice . but that won’t happen because the have the full backing of the democratic party . SOROS i hope your happy with what you’ve done, its your money thats paying for all this crap weather directly or indirectly !!!less than a year ago someone was interviewing one of these ANTIFA thugs making a statement of what was going to happen the closer to nov. 3 and at that time someone in the back ground said that they had millions at their disposal . SOROS name is well known for using these tactics to get what he wants !! hell ! he got exiled from his own country for the same actions !!! others of these groups have publicly told the world that they were trained Marxist ,and that their sole goal was to destroy our country and spread fear and hate. these ore the very words that one of the leaders of B L M made just a couple of days ago ! wake up America , be prepared and be ready to fight back to save our country. this is not going to stop and sooner or later BLM and ANTIFA are going to start killing more and more until we the people put a stop to it !! the government are divided on this action , so we can’t depend on them to stop it .

  2. The White Supremacist ANTIFA Murderers own the downtown streets of Portland Oregon. It is necessary for the Marines to come in and wipe them ALL out along with Black Lives Matter. Also an overthrow must be executed against the office of the Mayor by the Federal Marine Troops so they can turn the city back over to civilian rule again and vote in a new administration less leftist extreme.


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