Video: Backseat Sex Tape Blows U.N. Corruption WIDE OPEN


The United Nations has been known for its negligence, corruption and continuous questionable judgments.

New Sex Scandal Rocks the U.N.

The latest scandal the international body is caught in involves a video appearing to show a sex act being committed in an official U.N. car.

The now-viral video was shot in Israel and the head of the U.N., Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, is attempting to do damage control saying he was “shocked and deeply disturbed,” Fox News reported

Guterres also said that the event “goes against everything that we stand for and have been working to achieve in terms of fighting misconduct by U.N. Staff.”

Outlet Uncover’s Years of U.N.’s Corruption

Inner City Press was the initial releaser of the video on Tuesday, showing a woman dressed in red straddling a man in the back seat of a marked U.N. vehicle as it drives off. The news platform reports that the vehicle in question was part of a U.N. Truce Supervision Organization (UNTSO) mission located in Tel Aviv, Israel.

According to the UNTSO website, it was assembled in 1948 to oversee ceasefires in the area and continues to “remain in the Middle East to monitor ceasefires, supervise armistice agreements, prevent isolated incidents from escalating and assist other United Nations peacekeeping operations in the region.”

The Inner City Press outlet is known for uncovering corruption relating to the U.N. and its persistent record of scandals. Due to its success reporting on U.N. corruption facts, the outlet was ultimately banded in 2018 from reporting on U.N. grounds in New York.

U.N. Sex Abuse Reports Mounting

The investigation of the vehicle incident is still undergoing and spokesperson Stephane Dujarric said, “We expect the process to be concluded very quickly and intend to take prompt appropriate action.”

The U.N. has a disturbing history of sexual exploitation allegations and cases. In 2019 alone, 175 allegations of sexual exploitation and abuse against U.N. staff members were reported. Sixteen of those allegations were substantiated, 15 were unsubstantiated, with the remaining cases still being under investigation. 

No Accountability Means Continued Corruption

The global body’s shady actions are nothing new. Back in 2012, Ami Horowitz and Matthew Groff created a film about the deep corruption that has grown since its creation in 1945. Horowitz outlines three main problems, the Daily Caller reported, that he believes are central to the U.N.’s fraudulent ways. 

  • “It comes down to three things. First of all, it is an incredibly opaque institution — they are essentially accountable to no one. That is a very dangerous combination for anything.”


  • “You have a bureaucracy that make up the United Nations where the good guys, and there are a lot of good guys, essentially live in a moral fog. “They have a moral blindness: They don’t take stands against people because they think its wrong to do — you don’t pass judgment.”


  • “Moral equivalency is also a big part of it. Also, the other side of the same coin is you have these bad actors — countries that are bad governments, bad states. … So you have all those things combine for this perfect storm.”

The incident in Israel is just another scandal on a long list of corrupt actions that have rocked the United Nations’ tainted reputation. 


  1. The unglued nations is worthless; they have never “monitored”any ceasefires; usually, they create MORE fire and as for “peace keeping” – – that has NEVER happened on their watch. Why the US continues to give them even one thin dime is beyond comprehension- -they are one of the BIGGEST enemies of the USA! GET RID OF THEM NOW! Get them off US soil and give all their “diplomatic lawbreakers” 72 hours to GET OUT OF OUR COUNTRY! Do NOT allow them to take anything, other than their clothes – -everything else belongs to the US Treasury Dept.

  2. The UN should be thrown out of the USA. It’s corruption go’s deeper then expected . And as always they get away with everything in the name of justice . Can’t stain their name because of a little corruption . Sounds like the Clintons . Funny how the so called law is always above the law

  3. This is another reason to tell the U.N. to take a hike and for the U.S. stop all funding of that bunch of miscreants and to give them the boot from American soil.

  4. Thank you.
    If you lie the truth is not inside you.
    You will not know what is the truth or what is lies.
    Almighty God Omnipotent is the truth. Follow HIM.
    Revelation 19:6 “ Alleluia! For the Lord God Omnipotent reigns! “


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