Video: Angry Fans Brawl is WILD, All Caught on Cam

Angry Fans Brawl is WILD, All Caught on Cam

A wild brawl broke out during the preseason opener between two Los Angeles teams — the Rams and Chargers — on the evening of August 14th.

The two NFL teams, both based in Los Angeles, met for their preseason opener on Saturday night.

The game took place at the Rams’ new stadium, which hasn’t been fully packed with fans as of yet due to the COVID pandemic.

But on the night of the preseason opener, there were enough fans in attendance that it didn’t take long before a wild fight broke out.

The brawl started with what looked like an argument, until a woman threw a drink at the head of a man wearing a white jersey. The man then punched another man, which started the wild brawl, and ended with him getting pummeled by several men as the fight spread among other attendees.

The responses to the fight on Twitter were hilarious and insightful, with most of them blaming the woman for starting the fight and arguing that she should have been the recipient of the ensuing punches.


“Lmao at the lady just out here starting the fight. She woke up and chose violence,” one Twitter user wrote, including a zoomed-in screenshot of the woman’s face.

“She started it,” wrote another Twitter user.

Another Twitter user hilariously referred to the instigator of the wild brawl as the Hamburglar, a McDonald’s mascot, which was possibly a dig at her striped shirt, or a comment on her weight.

“The hamburglar was the instigator,” they wrote.

“Usually when these types of fights happen it’s mostly always escalated be a female who should have stayed out of it SMH,” wrote another Twitter user.

Another commenter shared a hilarious GIF from the comedy Napoleon Dynamite, showing the main character weakly slapping his brother and running away.