Veteran Officer Fatally Ambushed Outside Federal Building


A 30-year veteran officer with the Terre Haute Police Department, Detective Greg Ferency, was “ambushed and fatally shot” in the line of duty around 2:15 p.m. on Wednesday July 7, outside the federal building. Ferency was reportedly part of an FBI task force.

Officer ambushed on the street

Shane Meehan was placed under arrest on Thursday while in the hospital and from those court documents, the public finally learned the details of how the fatal ambush of officer Ferency happened.

Meehan, a 44-year-old former candidate for Mayor and prison guard turned postal worker, drove “a tan 2003 Ford F-150 truck around the outside of the FBI building throughout Wednesday afternoon.” By 2:03 p.m. he made up his mind, and “parked the truck outside of the gate securing the entrance to the parking lot.

According to police and FBI reports cited in the charging documents, “Meehan then allegedly got out of the car, walked around and then lobbed a Molotov cocktail toward the building.” Officer Ferency just happened to be “the first FBI agent to respond to the cocktail being thrown.”

As soon as Ferency walked outside, “Meehan then raised a firearm in his right hand and shot Ferency,” who “returned fire at Meehan after being shot.” Shortly after that, “another FBI special agent ran outside and shot at Meehan.” The suspect was shot two times but officials aren’t sure which one or both of the agents scored hits.

After ambushing the officer, the suspect underwent surgery at Terre Haute Regional Hospital but it wasn’t the paramedics who transported him. “The suspect was believed to have driven himself to the hospital.”

While doctors were looking him over, “police set up a perimeter around his four-door pickup truck and searched it. The rear windshield and the back window on the passenger side of the truck appeared to be broken.”

A charge of premeditated murder

When the police executed their search warrant on Meehan’s truck, an officer “recovered a semi-automatic handgun along with three more Molotov cocktails and additional ammunition.” Because of that, Meehan “is now facing a charge of premeditated murder of a federal agent and if convicted could face life in prison.”

He already had his initial hearing on Friday afternoon, appearing from his hospital bed. The judge noticed “Meehan was not fully capable to participate in the hearing due to his physical discomfort and the administration of pain medication.” The important thing is that he’s alive to face the consequences.

According to a statement released by Paul Keenan, a special agent in charge at the Indianapolis field office of the FBI, Ferency had been a federal task force officer since 2010.

For now, the FBI is heading up the investigation. The FBI’s Inspection Division will “also investigate the shooting in accordance with agency policy.”

Before he set out to murder a police officer or two, Meehan thought he was the best one in town to run the city of Terra Haute as mayor. He was convinced “the diversity’s not right.” He came in last out of four candidates.

He ran as an independent but his views are decidedly liberal. “Meehan ran on an anti-gun campaign and promised to fix the local schools. He also ran to show residents that a political outsider could become Mayor, but that never happened.”