Veteran Devastated after His American Flags were Stolen: ‘This Breaks Me’


If you want to enjoy your freedom of speech, thank a veteran. If you want to continue to have your right to bear arms, thank a veteran. Fortunately, the great majority of us agree with those sentiments. However, there are more and more individuals with anti-American ideology, and unfortunately learned about this terrible activism the hard way when he got his flag stolen.

That’s right. One veteran in Edmond, Oklahoma who is normally renowned for waving his flag to thousands of cars during parades is totally distraught because his flag has been stolen.

“When you steal our flag, you just – It kills our souls. It kills our souls, because it means so much to us,” Leonard Scott told Koco 5 News.

Scott is also known as the “Old Ranger” because he served in the National Guard. He has often waved his flags in remembrance of veterans like himself who have fought in various engagements on behalf of the United States. Indeed, there are several individuals who mistake him as someone who sells flags. Oh, no, that man is so much more than that. So much so that one woman referred to him as a “patriot standing up for our country.”

“I didn’t know that then,” he said. “I did think that I was standing up, but I never thought about ‘patriot,’ didn’t think about any of it. But her thoughts gave me purpose. And I knew why I was standing there.” Scott said when he was asked about the woman’s comments.

Despite the fact that his flag has been stolen, he said that the thugs won’t be able to take his pride.

“All they did was just made me stronger and gave me more resolve,” Scott said. “We’re all one. We’re Americans. No, this breaks me. Kills me.” “I am not a victim here. All they did was just made me stronger and gave me more resolve,” Scott repeated.


At press time, no one had reported on just how Scott’s flags had been stolen. However, Koco 5 News is reporting that he is planning on getting them replaced by Rainbow Pennant, a local flag company.