VA Governor Increases Corrections Budget for Sick Reason

Governor Northam
Photo Courtesy of VCU Capital News Service via Creative Commons License

Give a Democrat a rope and they will think they are a cowboy.

Give them a governorship, and they will show you how they will take away your rights and violate the Constitution.

Such is the case of Virginia Democrat Governor Ralph Northam.

Go Directly to Jail

Democrats are pushing through a new bill for Governor Northam to sign called HB30.

This is a budget bill to add $250,000 to the Corrections Special Reserve Fund.

This is money that will be used to pay for the expected “increase in the operating costs of adult correctional facilities.”

Why do they expect their prison system to kick it up a notch?

Well, Northam is pushing through a ban on “commonly-owned semi-automatic firearms” and the “criminalization of private firearm transfers.”

In essence, they are funding an unconstitutional gun grab.

That money will be used to put otherwise law-abiding citizens in jail for exercising their Second Amendment right.

It’s Baseless

If rifles and other weapons targeted in this bill were a real problem, perhaps they could justify such extreme measures, but that is not the case here.

Most of the weapons they are targeting for confiscation are long guns that are rarely used in violent crimes.

In fact, a 2018 FBI study estimated that five times more violent crimes occurred using “knives or cutting instruments” that are committed with ALL rifles combined.

Additionally, more crimes are committed with “blunt objects” or “personal weapons” than with long guns.

This is just a shameful display of the abuse of power Democrats will carry out when they are in power.

This is just one state, so imagine what they will do if they get back into the White House.