US Air Force Helicopter Goes Under Attack in Virginia, Crew Member Injured


Either the pilot or co-pilot of a U.S. Air Force helicopter was shot, when their chopper came under attack from the ground as they were flying over Virginia on Monday. That really makes it seem like Black Lives Matter has desperately stepped up their game and declared war.

Helicopter attacked, pilot wounded

The situation in Virginia, not too far from the nation’s capital of Washington, D.C., appears to be rapidly deteriorating into anarchy. Someone, probably heavily influenced by the saturation of Black Lives Matter propaganda, opened fire on a U.S. Air Force helicopter as it flew over, producing what could turn out to be the first battle casualty of the Second American Civil War.

Officials are downplaying the seriousness of the incident but the facts are that an Air Force pilot was shot, while on duty. According to a statement issued Wednesday by the FBI, “on Monday, August 10, at approximately 12:00 p.m., the FBI Washington Field Office dispatched Special Agents and its Evidence Response Team to the Manassas Airport after receiving reports that a helicopter was shot at from the ground nearby.”

As CNN reports, the “UH-1N was flying 10 miles northwest of Manassas on a routine training mission at an altitude of 1,000 feet when the incident occurred.” The pilots of “Mussel 16” reported “a medical emergency” as captured by air traffic control audio. They headed “direct to Manassas.” Airport operations officer Richard Allabaugh confirms their control tower was notified of an “an onboard emergency on a military helicopter that was inbound” and paramedics were called to the airport. The pilot was taken to hospital, treated and released.

The investigation already started

The U.S. Air Force’s 316th wing confirmed the Helicopter attack incident occurred and the FBI is helping the Air Force Office of Special Investigations with the investigation already in progress. As the Air Force noted in their statement, they take threats “to our Airmen and our resources very seriously. As this is an ongoing investigation, no further investigative details can be released at this time.”

The big question on everyone’s minds is whether the helicopter was intentionally targeted, which seems the most likely explanation to most observers. The alternative theory is that Virginia has devolved into such anarchy that citizens of an urban area are randomly firing guns into the air. If a pilot at 1,000 feet in the sky can get hit, why not a child in a playground. Bullets come back down with the same force they left the barrel. Nobody knows how many shots were fired at the chopper.

Thankfully, the helicopter pilot wasn’t seriously injured but you can rest assured that the FBI and all the resources of the military are beating the bushes in Manassas to find whoever was responsible, before they become bold enough to try it again. Federal officials want to know if anyone has any information, the FBI has operators standing by. “please call the FBI at 202-278-2000.”


  1. Just from reading the article, it would seem to me that the assignment of blame to Black Lives Matter was merely speculation. However, there has been very much truly outrageous and tragic behaviour by that “movement” that is well established fact. One of the most tragic results of what they have been doing is that the public image of black people is being severely degraded. Now the mystery is this: Why is WalMart, Target, and numerous other corporate entities still supporting that disgusting and evil cult of barbarians? Who else is financing it and why? What is their end goal? Think about it.

    • Target and Wal-Mart and others believe they will be spared if they go along with the terrorists. Look back at the N.A.Z.I.’s and Fascists certain people thought they could be reasoned with, well over 20 million people were dead wrong. Terrorists love to be appeased, it strokes their ego’s. When they tire of certain people bowing down to them, they are eliminated.

  2. One wonders why they didn’t return fire ??? they are after all in a airforce helicopter . They should be armed . If not then arm them for future reference . It’s now started and there’s no going back . The first shot is history let the fire and smoke rain down on our enemy’s . Let the bleeding began . Time to kick some ass and show who’s the boss to the terrorists in our country . Delivered by the delusional democrats for power .

  3. No, bullets do not come back down with the same force they left the barrel. Basic physics.

    Bullets leave the barrel at high velocity and energy due to the constricted burning of gun powder behind them. That allows them to overcome gravity and go up, until they’ve lost all their energy and start coming down again. However, coming down, they are starting at an initial velocity of 0, not 2500-3000 fps or whatever a typical rifle might shoot at, and they gain velocity through the force of gravity acting n them. Until wind resistance (drag) is greater than gravity, at which point their downward velocity stays about the same. They can go pretty fast but no where near the velocity and with no where near the energy that they had when first fired.


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