University Decides Free Speech is NOT Allowed Unless You are a Raging Lunatic Liberal


This particular controversy is centered on the University of Oklahoma but it could be going on at any higher learning institution in America today. If you happen to be a raging liberal lunatic, you can babble on endlessly about anything you please. Conservative speech, on the other hand, is chilled with an arctic blast of censorship, skillfully administered by experts in mind control psychology. A leaked video proves that progressive educators make the laws up as they go along. Not only that, they easily get away with it. Nobody dares to question them because, for decades, everyone has been trained not to think.

University secret exposed

There is a reason why everyone communicates with smiley faces these days. The next generation will point and grunt. By dumbing down all the students and brainwashing them with liberal dogma, liberal educators hope to produce a nation of happy sheep. They haven’t got the job done yet.

Thankfully, their evil schemes are starting to see some solid opposition from conservatives. The University of Oklahoma doesn’t teach medicine but they offer pre-med and a full psychology program. No matter what your major, each and every student gets a little brain salad surgery.

The Foundation For Individual Rights in Education was contacted by a whistleblower who uploaded a video to their website.

It purportedly shows an online training session of University of Oklahoma administrators actively encouraging “instructors to censor and indoctrinate students.” The workshop was called “Anti-Racist Rhetoric & Pedagogies.” The material is every bit as bad as it sounds and it’s certainly not “OK.”


According to FIRE, the video educates “instructors on how to eliminate disfavored but constitutionally protected expression from the classroom.” The University professors also learn the subtle ins-and-outs of guiding “assignments and discussion into preferred areas.” The reasons aren’t glossed over in the slightest.

It’s all about quelling conservative speech. Workshop leader Kelli Pyron Alvarez kicks things off by noting that “undergraduate students,” which are the ones who don’t have even a bachelor’s degree yet, are “a little bit more emboldened to be racist.” That’s because they weren’t around long enough to be fully indoctrinated yet.

Report them

Alvarez was full of helpful tips on how she agitates, rinses, spins, fluffs and folds young impressionable minds into submission. First, she totally bans “derogatory remarks, critiques, and hate speech,” from her classroom. Especially the deplorable “White supremacist ideas or sources,” unless, of course, they “are used to condemn racism.” That’s okay. “If they use any of those things, if any of those come through in their writing or in their comments, I will call them out on it.” If they dare to do it a second time, “report them.” Presumably to the thought crime office of University administration.

Let’s say you have a “class that’s supposed to allow students to choose their own research topics.” She advised instructors “how they might lead students not only to topics the instructors find appropriate, but also to the side of the argument that the instructors prefer.” Wow, she’s good.

“If freedom of speech is taken away, then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter.” ― George Washington

University professors, she notes, may be a tad nervous about doing that but go ahead, she asserts. “Like we can’t tell students that they can’t say something in class. But we can! And let me tell you how!” Her sister workshop leader Kasey Woody agrees that liberal instructors most certainly are allowed to “steer” students away from “problematic territory.”

The way she does it, she explains, is she usually looks “for my students who might be, like, entertaining the idea of listening to a problematic argument. Then I say, ‘we don’t have to listen to that.'” Keep it simple and case closed. She also reassured attendees that they “wouldn’t be punished” for violating First Amendment rights. “You do not need to worry about repercussions at any degree in the university if you are responding to a student who is using problematic language in the classroom.”

Alvarez confirms, wrongly, that “the Supreme Court gave instructors the right to censor students.” She’s under the mistaken impression that “The Supreme Court has actually upheld that hate speech, derogatory speech, any of the -isms do not apply in the classroom because they do not foster a productive learning environment. And so, as instructors we can tell our students: ‘no, you do not have the right to say that. Stop talking right now’, right?”

The truth is that university “professors cannot abuse their power to require students to personally adhere to a particular viewpoint or ideology.” That’s indoctrination and it’s a no-no.