Union Pacific Silent as Images Reveal EXTENSIVE Crime Spree


The good news is that some of the things everyone has been waiting for finally made it off the boat. The bad news is that Union Pacific railroad allowed the goods to be hijacked right off the trains before they could go anywhere. There’s nothing left but boxes.

Union Pacific Plundered

Management officials with Union Pacific railroad have some uncomfortable explaining to do after admitting “a rash of cargo container break-ins as the containers were being hauled by train near downtown Los Angeles.” They didn’t realize it was a bad neighborhood to park in.

All they were trying to do was “clear the backlog of cargo at the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach.” The local homeless population volunteered to unload the trains and distribute the packages to themselves.

As reported by local sources, “thousands of boxes as far as the eye could see were strewn along the railroad tracks near Valley Boulevard and North Mission Road in Lincoln Park.”

It’s clear that the shipping cartons “have fallen or been tossed off cargo containers being hauled by Union Pacific trains.” They didn’t fall off. “Several container doors were wide open – including a FedEx container with boxes tipping over.”

Nobody with Union Pacific noticed that the section of the track they used as an outdoor warehouse “is bordered by homeless encampments on both sides.” Christmas came early to Skid Row this year.

In order to have something positive to say about the senseless stupidity a railroad spokesperson notes “Metrolink shares some tracks” with them but “they’re not aware of any Metrolink delays due to debris on the tracks.”

Aware of the thefts

Now that images of the plundered cargo shipments have gone viral across the interweb, “Union Pacific issued a statement saying they’re aware of the thefts and are working with local law enforcement to address the issue.”

They’re solely responsible for all the “goods from the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach.” They note that “the backup continues.” As of Monday, October 1, “there were 77 container ships anchored off shore waiting to come to port to unload their cargo.”

The ports were ordered to work around the clock but they can’t. They have containers coming out of their ears and can’t pull any more off the ships until the trucks start rolling.

Truckers are on the verge of canceling their government contracts, rather than fire half the drivers for non-compliance with the vaccine mandate. Union Pacific can’t move the trains until they have trucks to unload them.

Now that they’ve been unloaded by the local bums, LA City officials are “working to identify vacant lots in Wilmington where some of the containers can be stored.” They can get a few out of the port and stash them there. Containers in the port itself are safe.

Union Pacific is supposed to have it’s own police force, “which is responsible for securing the cargo on the tracks.” They probably won’t be getting a Christmas bonus this year. Transportation Minister Pete Buttigieg is well aware of the problem and has no hope at all of it being solved in the foreseeable future. He’s more interested in his new twins.