Unbelievable Things Discovered Inside Prisons


Individuals that work inside prisons always have to be on the lookout for contraband from the prisoners and their smuggling habits! What do drugs stuffed inside footballs, papers soaked in meth, several pounds of tobacco, prison-made wine, and hollowed-out bibles mean to you? Well, if you are a corrections officer, it probably means contraband.

This is one of the main reasons why almost every week the North Carolina Department of Public Safety shares photos of items they have discovered that not only contain contraband but also attempts to smuggle these items into the prison.

For example, these prison officers realize that people can get incredibly creative when they are attempting to smuggle things into the prison. Sometimes, they might throw contraband over the prison. Other times, they might simply just try to mail the contraband or smuggled inside.

People will often smuggle tobacco and other types of contraband in items such as footballs, basketballs, cereal boxes, textbooks, chip cans, and even bibles!

One example of this would have been in early July when prison workers found a bag that contained not only tobacco but also two cell phones along with their accompanying charger cords.

There have even been cases where smugglers have tried to hide contraband in the trash cans. One instance of this also happened in July where a prison worker found a stash of airline liquor bottles, Suboxone strips, loose tobacco, a package of cigarettes, and lighters.

Of course, there are times where these would-be smugglers are not so smart. In one particular instance, a prison employee discovered a stash where there was K2, packs of marijuana, and some tobacco. However, the would-be smuggler’s prison identification was found right along with the bag of contraband.


Prison workers note that the most common things that they find would include marijuana, Suboxone, cell phones, tobacco, and other substances.

There is no question that they always have to be on the lookout for these smugglers.