Unbelievable Poker Hand Wins MASSIVE Jackpot for This Lucky Player

Unbelievable Poker
Unbelievable Poker

There was an UNBELIEVABLE poker hand for a guy at a Casino right on the bright lights of the strip in Las Vegas. How much did he win?

By all accounts, this man had an exceedingly good day when he was playing three-card poker the other day at a Strip casino on a summer day on Tuesday.

Naturally, the gambler requested not to be identified, and he claimed a $1.3 million jackpot after he secured this progressive win with one of the most dominant hands, a royal flush of hearts, at – where else? – Harrah’s Las Vegas, according to a news release from Caesars Entertainment. I guess it’s not just the Raiders who are in town, but it’s these big jackpots as well.

I know I’m showing my age here (and I’m digressing pretty badly, too) but this is kind of like that movie with Jeff Bridges in it called Starman where he ends up winning the $500,000 dollar jackpot and they drive away in a brand new car (for 1984, anyway).

While Harrah’s Las Vegas was busy processing the jackpot, the man and his family were treated to a bottle of champagne by the officials at the casino, according to a news release.

It was on a Tuesday on that June summer day that all of the casino resorts in the state of Nevada were able to operate without any type of COVID 19-related restriction. What better way for them to cap off this rebirth than for one of their customers to win a progressive poker jackpot on an unbelievable poker hand!

“The Harrah’s Las Vegas gaming floor was alive and full of luck this afternoon,” said Dan Walsh, the resort’s general manager, in the release. “It was an exciting day for our city, our winning guest and the whole team at our Harrah’s property.”