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Uber Liberal Maddow Claims OAN is Russian Propaganda- Then Quickly Slapped with 10mil Lawsuit


Uber Liberal MSNBC News Host Rachel Maddow Being Sued For ‘Utterly False Statements’

A lawsuit has been filed by One America News Network (OAN) in San Diego Superior Court. The lawsuit for 10 million dollars alleges that Maddow and crew has been reporting various news items as fact.

The suit says Maddow is saying things on air, that are ‘utterly and completely false’. Maddow said that OAN is ‘really literally paid Russian propaganda’. Herring Networks Inc. the registered owners of OAN, is the primary plaintiff in the suit.

The suit claims that the Herring are an American family, and fully funds OAN. The statements by Maddow, are completely false, the Herrings and OAN do not receive one penny from Russia or the Russian Government. The allegations go on saying that Maddows patently false statements, ‘are harmful, false, and completely irresponsible’.

Rachel Maddow & MSNBC Are Not Offering Any Comments Regarding The Lawsuit

The specific comments were made by Maddox on a July 22nd segment of her show. Maddow was talking about a ‘Daily Beast’ article, that referenced a OAN reporter, who is on the payroll of the Kremlin.

In the legal filing, Herring says the reporter in question is from the Ukraine originally. The reporter, Kristian Rouz started his career writing articles for ‘Sputnik News’ which is affiliated with the Russian Government. Herring through the filings denied that Rouz is now on the payroll of the Russian Government.

OAN claim that Rouz was a freelance writer for Sputnik, and chose his subjects that he wrote about. They further claim that the work Rouz did for Sputnik has nothing to do with the work he does for OAN. The lawsuit in addition to other items is demanding a retraction by Maddox.

NBC Universal News Group Says That The Lawsuit Is Without Merit

An attorney letter representing ‘NBC Universal News Group, which owns MSNBC said that what Maddox said is not libel’. The segment in question that Maddow appeared in was simply an opinion segment. The attorney argument is that Maddow used the word ‘literally’ in her segment. That word alone indicates that her statement was offered as an opinion but not a fact. Therefore the attorney says, ‘the allegation does not rise to the level of defamation’.

The Herring family are being represented by Skip Miller, he has a different take on Maddow and her statements. Miller said ‘Maddow’s statements on-air were malicious and false, she and MSNBC will have to answer for it in a court of law’.

Comcast is also a named defendant in the suit, they are the registered owners of MSNBC. The accusations against Comcast is that they refuse to carry OAN on their stations. The reason being, it would completely counter the platform of uber liberal MSNBC. The suit claims Comcast is engaging in ‘extreme censorship’.



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