Two Teams Almost Kill Each Other in Wild Brawl

Massive Brawl
Massive Brawl

If you have followed baseball for any length of time, then chances are you have witnessed a number of bench-clearing brawls. They literally will happen everywhere, even in the little leagues! Where did this latest baseball brawl occur? Why, in the minor league game between the South Bend Cubs and the Fort Wayne Tincaps, that’s where.

Nasty Brawl
Nasty Brawl

This heated brawl stemmed from some words that were exchanged between the Cubs shortstop and a Tincaps batter. Apparently, the shortstop was taunting him just a bit too hard, and he ended up getting to the point where he was fed up with it.

Apparently, some words were already being exchanged anyway, and the situation escalated to the point where there was a bench-clearing brawl from both of the teams. This wasn’t your garden-variety baseball brawl either. This wasn’t just a bunch of roughhousing where one player tackled another from the opposing team.

No folks, this was actually a brawl that would have even made your neighborhood bar owner sit back and take notice! Punches were literally being thrown by these two minor league teams, and it naturally led to several ejections from the umpire.

The brawl was notable because several players were ejected and Cubs manager Michael Ryan was thrown out of the game as well.

Most notably, the MLB says that they are looking into this incident. However, one of the challenges that these MLB officials are already encountering is that they simply do not have a precedent for an incident of this caliber in the minor leagues.

Of course, one has to wonder just why they didn’t have a plan in place for a potential incident such as this one. Ask even the most junior little leaguer, and they will tell you that for whatever reason the game of baseball has always been an extremely passionate game, even more so than much more physical sports such as American football, the NHL, or even basketball.