Two Christians Studying Bible in Park Charged with Blasphemy By Muslim Leaders


Reading the Bible in a park got two Christians arrested for blasphemy. Conservative Americans think things are oppressive now that Imperial Leader Joe Biden has assumed control but his heavy handed censorship of conservative and Christian voices is nothing compared to what they’re going through in Pakistan under Muslim rule.

That’s blasphemy!

Blasphemy is more than just a word in Lahore, Pakistan. Police threw two Christians in jail after Muslims “objected to their Bible study in a park last weekend.”

As an attorney for the accused relates, Haroon Ayub Masih, 26, and friend Salamat Mansha Masih of the same age “were studying the Bible in Lahore’s Model Town Park on Saturday (Feb. 13) when a group of Muslims approached and told them they should not read the Bible in public,” explained attorney Aneeqa Maria.

Reading the Bible in public is not a “crime” in Pakistan, Haroon Masih argues. The police had no right to stop them, but they did.

Some Muslims “began questioning them about their Christian faith and asked if they had any reading material to help them understand the Bible.”

They don’t have the fifth amendment over there and they take blasphemy as deadly serious. “On their insistence, Haroon gave them a Christian book entitled, ‘Zindagi Ka Paani” or ‘Water of Life,'” the lawyer admits.

The pair hoped that had been the end of it because the Muslims “took the book and left Haroon and Mansha for the time being.”

It turned out to be a set up and they were turned in to the religious authorities. Haroon Masih left for home a few minutes later but Mansha Masih remained in the park. That wasn’t a great idea. His blasphemy had incited a riot. The mob attacked viciously.

After only a few moments, “the Muslim youths returned to the spot where Mansha was present and attacked him, claiming that he and Haroon had blasphemed against their prophet.” Now both are in jail charged with Blasphemy. Reading the Bible in public may be legal in Pakistan but it certainly isn’t advisable.


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