Tucker Carlson Exposes ‘Liberal Lunacy’

Political correctness takes over from common sense in Canda.

Tucker Carlson

Just how bad and how crazy has the liberal movement of political correctness been taken?

Well, consider the fact Air Canada will no longer use the term “ladies and gentlemen” when addressing passengers.

In an effort to pacify those individuals that are unsure of their gender, the airline has literally outlawed its staff from using those terms and will now address passengers as “everybody”

Air Canada released a statement on the issue, stating that it is making the change to “ensure an inclusive space for everyone, including those who identify with gender X.”

Today in Liberal Lunacy

No more "Ladies & Gentlemen".

Posted by Tucker Carlson Tonight on Tuesday, October 15, 2019

How Far Will This Go?

Call me old school, but I am a believer that your gender is whatever that birth certificate says when you were born.

The fact that grade-school teachers are encouraging little boys and little girls to “identify” as the opposite sex is more than just a bit disturbing to me.

It is almost as though liberals are looking for excuses to sexually confuse children to increase the numbers of those that do not “identify” with their born gender.

Now, we are to the point as a society that we are so afraid of offending someone, we are literally trying to bend the rules of science to accommodate them.

Dangerous Ground

We have seen the fallout from this already in unscrupulous men using the excuse of gender identity to gain access to restrooms solely for the purpose of carrying out their perversions.

There is no sane person in this world that can say they are okay with some random man who thinks he is a woman entering the ladies’ room at the same time as their child.

Now, we are in a situation where you have to be hesitant saying “ma’am” or “sir” for fear of offending the individual to whom you are speaking.

Honestly, how far are we going to allow liberals to take this narrative before we stand up and call out this insanity?


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