Truth Hating Democrat Scumbag Plotting HATE CRIME at State Capitol

Democrat burn Confederate flag

Standing near a symbol of the Confederacy – the statue of Gen. Stonewall Jackson – a Democrat burned a small Confederate flag and trashed another one at the West Virginia Capitol and said it was time to end the symbols of hate speech.

Radical Democrat obsessed with Confederacy

Political activist Democrat Howard Swint said seeing the Confederate flag displayed in the U.S. Capitol during the Jan. 6 insurrection spurred him to act.

“It’s a travesty that I have to stand here with a Confederate flag and burn it to make the point that this type of symbolism and imagery no longer has a place in American history,” Swint said.

The protest started off calm and small with Swint burning a tiny Confederate flag on the Capitol grounds in protest of the Jackson statue, but became heated when others showed up. Swint and another man were separated by West Virginia State Police after the man shouted obscenities at Swint.

The activist has been one of the leaders of the push to have the Stonewall statue removed from the Capitol. A request has been made to the Capitol Building Commission and public comments were accepted, but no action has been taken so far.

AOC calls all Trump supporters racists

Gov. Jim Justice has said previously he believes it would take an act of the Legislature to remove the statue.

As far as future action, Swint said he fears that the West Virginia Legislature, which now has a super majority of Republicans, will pass a law mandating that the Confederate symbols cannot be removed from public areas.

“My fear is that the West Virginia Legislature is going to reintroduce a bill that would prohibit by law removing these statues off public land,” the Democrat said.

Democrat lunatics have become obsessed with the Confederacy in recent months. AOC recently did a livestream where she claimed all Trump supporters were racist Confederates and any members of the House that support Trump should just resign now. What a nut.


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