Trump’s New Campaign Video Destroys Joe Biden

Biden takes another vicious shot from Trump.

donald Trump Joe Biden Video

Donald Trump may have come up with the greatest campaign video EVER and it is all due to Joe Biden being Joe Biden.

Trump’s campaign edited together some of Biden’s most awkward moments from this week’s debate to show just how bad Biden is getting mentally…

Sleepy Joe!

Posted by Donald J. Trump on Wednesday, October 16, 2019

More Than Gaffes

Joe Biden is a human gaffe machine — this we all know.

However, Biden is making more than just gaffes right now, as he is constantly losing his trend of thought, misspeaking words, and seems to get extremely confused at times when trying to give an answer.

There have been rumors that the rigorous campaign schedule is taking its toll on Biden, with staffers begging him to take it down a notch because it is clearly impacting his mental sharpness.

Keep in mind, though, Biden already has one of the lightest schedules of all the candidates.

Furthermore, if he can’t take the campaign schedule, how is he supposed to deal with four years of 20-hour workdays and constant stress?

Bigger Problems for Joe

While these gaffes are starting to pile up for Joe Biden, he does have some bigger problems to worry about right now.

Hunter Biden reportedly went behind his father’s back to do an exclusive interview with ABC News.

His intention was to clear his father’s name from any wrongdoing, but most would agree the interview only made matters worse for Biden.

In addition to that, a State Department official testified this week that Joe Biden’s office laughed off concerns about Hunter’s business dealings when Joe Biden was the vice president.

Oh, there is also the reviving of the story about how Joe Biden misrepresented the death of his wife, blaming a drunk driver when it was more than likely his wife that caused the accident that took her life and the life of Biden’s daughter.

Joe Biden’s campaign is crumbling and the latest poll results have to concern him, as Elizabeth Warren has started to distance herself from the one-time frontrunner in the race.

It’s just a matter of time, Joe, before we get to call you a 3-time loser!

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