Trump’s Explosive Speech Causes Internet Frenzy

trump speech

Former President Donald Trump spoke at Mike Lindell’s Frank Speech Rally in Wisconsin on June 12, discussing Joe Biden‘s failures, the fraud in the 2020 election, and the future of the Make America Great Again movement.

“Mike, I want to thank you, and I want to thank all of the people that are in Wisconsin — a place that I love, and we won the first time, and we actually won the second time if you take a very close look,” Trump said as he began his speech.

The former president went on to call out the “fake news media,” Big Tech, and the Democrats for trying to suppress GOP voters prior to the November election, pointing out that the Washington Post/ABC published a “suppression poll” showing that he was 17 points down just before the election.

“If you go back four years, they had the same poll — I was 17 points down — and we ended up winning. So all that is is suppression by the fake news media, and it’s suppression by Big Tech, and, frankly, the Democrats, because the Democrats are their partners,” Trump said.

“We put out a statement just a little while ago, a lot of people are commenting. We do press releases now because we were banned from Twitter and Instagram and Facebook, and others. They wanna silence us, and the reason they wanna silence us is because of the election… Because they know the results, they know what really happened. That’s why, if you go to any place, you see the kind of fight that the Democrats put up. They don’t want recounts, they don’t want forensic audits in particular. They don’t want it. But in Arizona, you have incredible people: Karen Fann, Senator, Sonny Borrelli, Senator, so many others. These are incredible American patriots, and let’s see what they do. That’s their audit, it’s not my audit,” Trump continued.

The former president went on to discuss recent news stories that have vindicated him. “I just put out a statement, and I said we were right — listen to this — on the hydroxychloroquine, and it works, you saw the reports just came out. The virus came from the Chinese lab — the China Virus. Hunter Biden’s laptop was real… Lafayette Square was not cleared for a photo op, that just came out and I wanna thank the Inspector General for having the courage to come out with the truth. They were saying Lafayette Square was a big deal. By the way, they tried to burn down — these insurrectionists — they tried to burn down the church, which was built at the same time as the White House… The ‘Russian Bounty’ story was a fake,” Trump said.

The former president then went on to discuss his Operation Warp Speed, which produced a vaccine in record time, noting that Americans have the freedom to choose whether or not to take the vaccine. “Remember, it’s also about freedom. So it’s your choice,” Trump said.


Trump also noted that “blue state lockdowns” were a disaster, using New York, California, and Illinois as examples, comparing them to successful free states like Texas and Florida.

The former president then moved on to border security and Biden’s absolute failure at protecting the country.

“All Biden had to do — all he had to do was leave it alone,” Trump said. “So we went from the most successful, the safest border in the history of our country — think of that — to the worst and most dangerous border. And it’s not just people coming in — frankly, in many ways that’s the least of it — Drugs are flowing in at a point that we’ve never seen before, levels that we’ve never seen before. If you look at the human trafficking, mostly trafficking, unfortunately, mostly trafficking in women. Nobody’s ever seen numbers like this. These are killers, these are thugs, these are people that are being released from the jails of other countries… I stopped payment to those countries, and they accepted all of their MS-13 people back.”

“Look at what’s happening to our country now,” Trump continued. “Illegal border crossings are up more than 1400%. That’s one thousand four hundred percent! And getting much worse. And this is only the people that we capture, and then they release them of course.”

Trump concluded his speech discussing the fraud in the election, the wins for Republicans in the House of Representatives in 2020, and the future of the Republican Party.

Watch Trump’s full speech here:


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