Trump-Zelensky Phone Call Transcript Released, NO Quid Pro Quo

Trump Zelensky

President Trump had two conversations with Ukraine President Zelensky before their White House meeting.

While we already had the details of the second conversation, the call that resulted in a whistleblower complaint, nobody really knew what happened on the first call.

That call took place in April after the election and before Zelensky’s inauguration, and the transcript shows nothing but a cordial phone call between the two.

Where is the Quid Pro Quo?

According to Democrats, Trump threatened or tried to “bribe” Zelensky with a Biden investigation as well as a 2016 political corruption investigation to get military aid and a White House meeting.

Since we know the pressure did not come during the second phone call, it must have happened during the first phone call, right?

Wrong! The transcript for that phone call, which occurred while Trump was aboard Air Force One, was released in full today.

At no point did Trump every suggest anything to Zelensky…

Perfect Timing

The release of the transcript was done very skillfully by the White House.

Just moments before Marie Yovanovitch started her testimony, the transcript hit the Internet, more or less disqualifying most of what she was about to say.

However, Trump negated some of that momentum by tweeting about Yovanovitch during the hearing.

His tweet was critical of her, but it was far from the intimidating threat Rep. Schiff portrayed it to be.

Once again, Democrats led the witness testifying as much as possible, with their counsel at one point asking a question while nodding “yes” so she knew how to answer.

This time, though, Republicans spent most of their five-minute turns stroking Yovanovitch out of fear of being too aggressive and being raked over the coals by the media.

Even so, once again, the Democrats failed to move the needle and the reaction on social media today for the end of these hearing was far louder than Wednesday.

Americans are tired of having their taxes wasted on this nonsense and if it continues much longer, Democrats could pay dearly come election day 2020.

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