Trump Tears Into Pelosi After ‘Nervous Fit’

Donald Trump
Photo Courtesy of Gage Skidmore via Creative Commons License

Early Thursday morning, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) announced the House was going to draw up articles of impeachment for Donald Trump.

During her press conference, she completely lost her mind when a reporter asked her if she “hated” Donald Trump, and Trump immediately took a shot at her for it.

Calling Out Nervous Nancy

Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi have one thing in common… neither of them likes to be openly called out.

Pelosi has said some pretty nasty things about Donald Trump over the last few years.

However, according to Nancy, she is as a good Catholic girl (who supports killing unborn children) and “hate” is something she is not capable of doing.

A reporter really got under her skin asking her about the hatred for Trump in the Democrat party, though, and Pelosi absolutely lost it on live TV…


It took Trump no time at all to pile on…

The Not Angry, Angry Democrats

How many times have Democrats called out Trump for his temper?

You would think they would be perfect, right? Able to hold up to any scrutiny.

Well, as you just saw, it did not take much to set Pelosi off!

Joe Biden is no better, having been caught on video twice now screaming at voters who dare question him on topics like immigration and the business dealings of his son, Hunter.

No, we are supposed to believe every word that comes out of their mouth as gospel and not challenge it for a second.

Those days are gone because conservatives are now starting to use the same guerilla tactics as Democrats.

Confront Joe in public… troll their pages… let’s just give them a taste of their own medicine and make sure the video is rolling when we do it!


  1. The Democrats don’t hate Trump they hate us white American and anybody else today in a Muslim now they’re here trying to destroy our country already feeding all their heroin and stuff to the people in the other states that the Democrats hold they need to execute them you get the Muslim dogs lovers out of my country should I take the Muslims with you or let’s have a pig slaughter

  2. Don’t Mess With Me When It Comes To Words Like That—-did she learn that phrase from her father Thomas D’Alesandro Jr. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree! But she supports Planned Parenthood murdering and selling baby parts. I’m surprised she has not been excommunicated by the Catholic Church.


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