Trump Team Now Has the Most Solid Evidence of Cheating…MSM Can NOT Deny it Any Further

Voter Fraud Election Trump Dominion Georgia Lawsuit

The Democrats got caught red handed trying to steal the 2020 presidential election from Donald Trump. The mainstream media keeps trying to downplay and deny these allegations but they’re not going away. Dominion voting machines flipped votes from Trump to Biden and that’s no “glitch.”

Cheating Democrats caught in election fraud

For months the Democrats, mainstream media and big tech were all telling Americans to be patient after the election. They said the results could take days, weeks or even months before a winner is picked.

But now that Joe Biden passed the 270 electoral votes needed to win, the Left is demanding President Trump concede the race, step aside and prepare to face criminal charges once he leaves office. But it’s not over yet!

President Trump and his legal team have compiled a massive amount of evidence proving there was wide-scale voter fraud in the 2020 presidential election. But their latest discovery might be the best yet.

The Trump team now has a Dominion voting machine from Ware County Georgia with evidence of Trump votes being switched to Biden! We heard about this from Sidney Powell. She threatened to “Release the Kraken” and then she delivered.

Last month, Sidney Powell dropped a massive lawsuit in Georgia and Michigan, demanding the states decertify the vote and requesting to impound Dominion voting machines as evidence in a criminal investigation.

Finally, the Trump team got their hands on one of the corrupted machines used to rig the election. Democrats are already dismissing this “glitch” of just 37 votes flipped from Trump to Biden in this small Georgia County.

However, this represents .26% of the Georgia ballots. When you extrapolate that out to the entire state, that would equate to more than 14,000 votes. Biden is currently ahead of Trump by just 10,000 votes.

President Trump still fighting

As you can see, this discovery supports the allegations that Dominion voting software can be used to manipulate votes. According to Attorney Sidney Powell, the software can easily switch votes, add or delete votes. And it doesn’t take a hacker to accomplish this. It’s programed right into the software. Why are Americans using this crap in our elections? We demand justice.


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