Trump Supporters Track Down Radical BLM Members and Hand Them an ‘A** Whoopin’


Deplorable Trump supporters Ty Parker and Trenton Wolfskill were arrested for assault over what they did to a few of the more radical BLM members. Other patriots are still at large, but police who can’t track down arsonists and looters claim they’re looking for the hard-core Libertarians. Right-wing anarchists insisted on chasing down left-wing anarchists for a lesson in social-responsibility with baseball bats and paintball guns. Basically, they handed the children of darkness a well deserved, old fashioned a** whoopin.’

Trump supporters also support enforcement of laws

Far-right conservatives are just as fond of anarchy as far-left liberals, but for totally different reasons. The left sees anarchy as an excuse to avoid responsibility for anything they do, while Libertarians take full responsibility for all that they do, and much prefer to keep the government entirely out of it. Progressive socialists can’t see past the free stuff. Conservatives acknowledge that, to keep the looters and rioters out of their own businesses, since they have to sleep once in a while, it’s nice to have a few laws. At least the ones against arson and looting. If the police won’t enforce them, they will. Even though they acted without authority, the Back the Blue supporters generally maintained restraint. They may not like law, but they still believe in order.

Portland, Oregon has turned into a civil war battlefield, whether officials want to admit it or not. Liberal progressives running the city council with a pink hat wearing mayor, count on their equally socialist governor to hold the National Guard at bay, while Black Lives Matter and other Antifa-sympathetic organizations chase the police right out of their station houses and set them on fire. Other liberal cities have done the same, with nobody willing to even condemn the violent tactics. If those who swore to uphold the law are powerless to do so, then supporters of the Constitution will do their patriotic duty to maintain order. If that means an old fashioned “rumble” with bats and BB guns, it’s a heck of a lot better than what will come if these efforts fail.

Of course, there are dozens of videos making the rounds showing how mean and vicious the Proud Boys were when they clashed with opposing Black Lives Matter supporters. CBS turns it’s big black eye in only one direction. All of the networks run by the Deep State are outraged that “Proud Boys members attacked a BLM supporter from behind, knocking him down and getting to deliver several punches.” Where were they when BLM anarchists blinded several cops with green lasers? All they care about is a conservative woman who “added to the attack by pepper spraying the guy as he lay beaten on the ground.” Only the left can do things like that.

The battle of the Trump Caravan Rally

As several outlets are reporting, the big battle of the Trump Caravan Rally started when one unit of deplorables “ultimately ended up joining forces with another at the State Capitol in Salem.” That’s where “another BLM protester was chased and beaten.” In that skirmish, “these Trump supporters are armed with baseball bats and paintball guns.” Black Lives Matter had similar improvised weapons including armor, sticks, fireworks, bottles and rocks.


“Fortunately for the BLM protester, state troopers were nearby and rushed in to nab one of the attackers.” That was one of two arrests made out of dozens of scuffles throughout the day. The two Trump supporters who went to jail were Ty Parker, 53, of Durango, Colorado and 37-year-old Trenton Wolfskill, of Eugene, Oregon. Parker is charged with suspicion of misdemeanor assault and first-degree intimidation while Wolfskill faces only suspicion of misdemeanor assault.

Another reported incident that day involves “a group wearing military fatigues and carrying an American flag.” They “rush toward a counter-protester,” eventually “knocking him to the ground and punching him before yelling gay slurs.” Uniformed Police actually decided to enforce the law for a change. Since it wasn’t a liberal burning down their cop shop, only Trump supporters thumping on a BLM punk, “uniformed officers with the Salem Police Department and the Oregon State Police swiftly intervened and handcuffed the perpetrators.”


  1. Had their parents given these COWARDLY THUGS and TERRORISTS that very item maybe they would not be the thing they are today namely LIBERAL IDIOTS.

  2. It’s about time these domestic terrorists called BLM, Antifa, get their asses handed to them. It’s a good thing they don’t show up in my area. We would have no problem shooting violent assholes with mental retardation like that. But then I live in a stand your ground, constitutional carry state.


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