Trump Supporters Jailed in Biased Ruling

The Judge was clearly biased in this case.

proud boys trial

Earlier this week, two Trump supporters received a sentence of four years in jail for what many believe was self-defense.

Proud Boys members Maxwell Hare and John Kinsman were sentenced by Judge Mark Dwyer, who also delivered a lecture, making his bias quite clear in this matter.

Self Defense or Assault?

Your level of outrage over this sentence will depend on how you perceive the actions of these two men.

In a released video, Hare and Kinsman seem to be the victims of an assault by several ANTIFA members.

While it seems to be clear ANTIFA started the brawl, it is also quite clear the Proud Boys members were the ones who finished it.

In their trial, they used self-defense as their defense, but the judge believes they went too far.

Dwyer stated, “It’s a shame when some people jump up and down on a platform and their followers, their soldiers, get in trouble.

“I’m not sure the most moral responsibility belongs to these two defendants.”

After the sentence was handed down, Assistant DA Joshua Steinglass seemed a bit upset, as he was arguing for a five-year sentence.

He stated, “This was not a schoolyard brawl. These are adults who should know better.”

He, of course, has probably never been in a street brawl where you do what you have to in order to survive. (To see the full video, click here).

Racists or Patriots?

Part of the problem in all of this is the hate group designation that hangs over the Proud Boys.

The group was founded by Gavin McInnes, who has been associated with white nationalism.

McInnes, however, has always claimed the labels of being an extremist group or having ties with white nationalist groups are completely bogus.

While the Proud Boys have shown up at events where white nationalists have attended, these are generally “conservative” events that are more political than race-based.

There is also the fact the current chairman of the Proud Boys is Enrique Tarrio, who is of Cuban descent.

One of the men charged in this case, Kinsman, also happens to be married to a black woman and has three children with her.

Kinsman has expressed his regret about the incident, saying that he acted in the moment without thinking and “made a mistake.”

Biased Judgment

We have long railed against ANTIFA being allowed to show up in battle gear and masks as well as liberals, Democrats, and the media sticking up for them as though they are some type of social justice group.

If you looked at that video, the two men were clearly on the defensive early. If you felt you were being threatened, would you honestly stop fighting when the person went down or would you make sure they stayed down?

The sentence of four years, in this case, seems overly biased based on a similar case where an ANTIFA member was actually arrested.

This case had active participants on both sides, whereas the previous ruling for the ANTIFA member was a clear case of assault.

A 56-year-old Trump supporter left a conservative event and was followed and eventually attacked by David Campbell, 32, a member of ANTIFA.

Campbell punched and choked the man, but he was only sentenced to 18 months.

What is even more bothersome is the fact that none of the ANTIFA members that started the fight against Hare and Kinsman were arrested or charged.

Why? Because they were masked and the police could not identify them in the video.

So, ANTIFA continues to be allowed to arrive at events in full battle gear, intimidate Trump supporters as well as assault them, and Trump supporters go to jail for four years for defending themselves.

Yeah, that all seems very fair and unbiased.


  1. Continued support of ANTIFA violence by local governments and judges is going to fuel frustrations of regular citizens. When it finally does book over, the media can be counted on amplify citizens reacting.

  2. ALL ATTENDEES in disguise should be arrested since the guilty can not be singled out, unless they are given up for prosecution by the rest. Do this and eventually there will be a stop. Sure, lawyers will be called and many or all will be released BUT after they are identified, via arrest. Soon there will be a listing of members. Once identities are known the chicken littles will maybe stay home and behave.

  3. Sorry,(not) but if those ANTIFAs are going to be coming out to beat down everyone that opposes them, then it’s time that the patriots turn out better armed than their fists, chains and clubs. And to those judges that are such bleeding-heart libturds, Remember we vote and we can have you disbarred for Prejudice and Discrimination. EVERYONE SHOULD BE HELD EQUAL UNDER THE LAW, IT’S PAST TIME YOU UPHELD THAT PRINCIPLE.

  4. Now the USA is a country of laws, and accordingly most get equal justice under the law, and those who think they do not have the right of appeal which goes to a different court and more review. Just because they support Trump or do Trump’s bidding should have no effect on the sentence called for in the law.
    Stirring the pot and calling judges Liberal left overs solves nothing and caused distrust in the system the thing Trump wants most.

  5. This judge has been in trouble twice by the State Bar Association. If you see a photo of him you will immediately know how he got elected.

  6. Trump should declare Antifa a terrorist organization. He has not done so. This is part of the President’s job to protect the American people. Trump also does not concentrate on people in the White House who are “Never Trumpers”. When Obama came into office, he cleaned out all holdovers from Bush in the White House, State Dept, Defense Dept, NSC; Is Obama smarter than Trump. Both had no White House experience in people who would turn against them. But Obama had good advice. Trump may have had this advice, But Trump does not listen to his advisors and let the opposition remain in the White House and all other branches of govt even the IRS that is corrupt and did not give TEA PARTy non-profit status. Disappointed that Trump does not pay attention to people that surround him as Kelly, Bolton, MCMaster and many other spies that go out and write stories about him. Trump should pay attention to people who surround him. I do not even liked the woman who is now head of CIA. And I am against Barr for letting Comey and McCabe off the hook, yet prosecuting Flynn, Stone, Manafort, and others for the same crime of lying. What does Barr actually do? He hired an attorney from Connecticut to do all the work for him-investigations of the Deep State and exposing them should have been Barr’s business , not an outside attorney that we have never heard from. And Barr is very friendly with Wray, a traitor from the FBI. This whole Russian collusion should be fully exposed and the people as Clinton, Brennan, Clapper, Obama, Susan Rice, Samantha Powers, Eric Holder, Victoria Nuland, biden and family (who stole money for his family from US taxpayer funds) and the whole state dept and NSC fully investigated for
    TREASON and CORRUPTION IN TRYING TO OVERTHROW THE PRESIDENT US CITIZENS VOTED FOR They all committed TREASON AGAINST US GOVT IN A COUP D’ETAT BY trying to overthrow our president.They should all be in jail FOREVER. The sentence for TREASON is DEATH.

  7. Can’t wait to hear that someone packing heat took out a few of the ANTIFA SCUM . Who ever drops a few of them should receive a Medal ! ANTIFA is way over due for a thinning out of the ranks .
    They are as militant as it gets and the worst part is they get away with masks and battle gear !
    Why is it that they get to carry weapons ?
    At what point will the Military be used to put them down ? They are a home-grown terrorist organization and all of them should be arrested tried and sent to a Federal Prison .


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