Trump Stops Rally to Honor 100 Year Old War Veteran…Then Something Amazing Happens

crowd gives standing ovation for 100 year old veteran at Trump rally in Florida

While discussing the election at a rally in Florida, President Trump was interrupted by someone in the crowd. The president stopped mid-sentence to listen to his supporter, who was trying to get his attention to tell him something important.

“This is the weakest presidential –” Trump said, stopping in the middle of a sentence as one of his supporters in the crowd called out to him.

“Hundred year old vet, right here! World War II!” yelled the man.

“One hundred year old veteran right here,” the president said with a smile on his face.

The crowd suddenly erupted, people began jumping out of their seats and cheering, with some chanting “USA! USA! USA!”

“He looks beautiful! One hundred, huh? Looks better than I do!” Trump said.

“One hundred, that’s great. What’s your name?” the president asked. Unfortunately, it seemed that the crowd was cheering too loud for him to hear the answer.

“Well I wanna thank you very much. And he does NOT need Regeneron, okay? That I can tell you,” Trump said, referring to the experimental antibody drug created by the company Regeneron, which he was prescribed for coronavirus. “You look fantastic, so sit down and enjoy it, okay? What a beautiful guy. One hundred, you look beautiful, thank you. Congratulations!”

Speaking to the man in the crowd who got his attention, the president said: “That’s great, I’m glad you pointed it out.”

The Trump campaign later posted the clip from the rally on its’ Twitter account. “The crowd in #Florida erupts as President @realDonald Trump stopped mid-rally to honor and thank a 100 year old veteran!” the post read.


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