Trump Senior Official Turncoat Was Just Uncloaked


One notorious mole hunt is finally over. The “turncoat” senior White House official, who wrote a back-stabbing New York Times op-ed in September of 2018, has been uncloaked. The sleeper-cell senior official cowardly declared the president “unfit for office,” from the shadows of masked anonymity. Real Clear Investigations assures the nation that President Donald Trump’s former deputy national security adviser was the rat. Instead of making a huge fuss, the administration sent her off to a quiet post in the remote desert of Saudi Arabia, far from the oval office.

Traitorous turncoat banished to the other side of the planet

Firing disgraced security adviser Victoria Coates would be more trouble to the oval office than she’s worth, so they banished her someplace that’s as far away from President Trump as physically possible. She’s off to Saudi Arabia, where its expected that her duties for the foreseeable future will include, “not much.” At least, nothing sensitive.

RCI reports, “Rather than fire Coates, the White House has quietly transferred her to the Department of Energy, where she awaits special assignment in Saudi Arabia — far from the president.” That’s a long fall from the number two slot on the National Security Council. Not only did the turncoat write the op-ed, she also wrote a salacious book titled, “A Warning,” where she claimed to be part of a secret underground plot of “fellow Republicans” to resist Trump and his goals “from inside the administration.”

Coates lawyered up and isn’t talking to reporters but there’s no doubt they have the culprit. One “source involved in the NSC probe who asked not to be identified” is convinced. “It’s her. That’s why she was shown the door.” There is a lot of evidence to back that up.

No doubt that Coates is the turncoat traitor

RCI bases their report on “multiple” sources familiar with the intelligence community probe. They described all the various ways that they cross checked to be sure. The biggest clues come directly from the writing. “Computer textual analyses revealing strikingly similar language, turns of phrase and historical references by both Coates and Anonymous.”

It was obvious that “Anonymous” is a woman from the “author’s disapproving remarks alleging a Trump habit of addressing accomplished female professionals as ‘sweetie’ and ‘honey.'” Then there were clues confirming “the official’s area of responsibility was, like Coates’, national security and foreign policy.” Specifically, “with expertise on Syria, Iraq, Iran, Israel and other Mideast hot spots.”


The kicker was the writing indicated the turncoat traitor “started work during Trump’s presidential transition, as Coates did.” According to the sources, “That gave her away. She was in those early meetings and briefings. That put her high on the suspect list.”

More Deep State rats lurking in the shadows

The sources also relate that White House investigators are still hunting for “at least four other White House staffers whom they suspect were part of the ‘resistance’ with Coates.” The probe, they say, “has exposed a less prominent faction” of turncoats “secretly undermining Trump inside the White House.”

These aren’t “Democratic holdovers from the Obama White House,” the rats are “disloyal ‘Never-Trump’ Republicans, who, as Anonymous complained in the book, don’t believe the president can be trusted to uphold ‘conservative principles.'”

The masked RINO admitted “conspiring with several other ‘like-minded’ officials to obstruct Trump and his policies and directives from the inside.”

Her friends don’t believe She’s a traitor

Victoria Coates was obsessively careful not to show her true feelings in public so her friends and colleagues are shocked that she’s been declared a turncoat. They insist it’s not true. Her close co-workers admit that was a false-front. “She was very anti-Trump in private,” one NSC official who worked with her on the Mideast desk confirms. “She even defended Obama holdovers to me. They’re all fighting Trump.”

She also doesn’t go out of her way to support the president. “There are no examples of her publicly praising the president, based on a search of the Lexis-Nexis database of her speeches, articles and interviews.” She’s tightly connected to Senator Ted Cruz, which is one of the reasons she was reassigned instead of fired. When Cruz endorsed Trump just before the 2016 election, she was furious.

“She was livid when the Texas Republican endorsed Trump and cited national security as one of his reasons for supporting the Republican nominee,” Politico wrote at the time.

Coates isn’t fighting her transfer, which makes it seem like she knows she’s been caught dead to rights. Her transfer happened so fast that she was on a plane before she knew what hit her. She was supposed to appear at the Hudson Institute for a speech but didn’t make it. “I feel a little bit like Clint Eastwood talking to the empty chair,” the moderator lamented. “motioning to a seat the think tank had reserved for Coates on the stage with an unopened bottle of water beside it.”


  1. We all knew some of the rats were deeply imbedded, but nobody sees Trump as being fair about people who were already in the Whitehouse or enemies that came in afterward. He didn’t walk in and FIRE everybody and start from scratch…everybody was given the chance to pull with the team or be an a$$hole. In other words they got the benefit of the doubt and given a chance to show their colors before getting the pink slip. Off hand, the people who’ve left and praised Trump…far outweigh the disgruntled losers who didn’t cut the mustard and blame Trump for being cruel.

  2. It always baffles me that there are many ‘Never Trumpers’ left after his accomplishing over 289 things in his first two years. What did they think…that he was a lying politician and didn’t earn his spot?

    • Leave her there, revoke citizenship sounds like just punishment. She wanted to help turn America into a socialist state. Now she can appreciate what Trump was trying to avoid, she’s living her dream. The same should happen to more of these traitors in the Whitehouse. Very different style of government over there, I know firsthand. I was there in 79′ – 80′ to rescue Americans from Iran. Dogs were treated better than women, which I disapproved. However, in her case, this seems her just reward for her treachery. Not a death sentence, as called for for treason, but worse. We’ve got a fierce battle going on, sending Hillary there without all her money, just pelosi and mad Maxine. The three stooges revisited, in hell on earth. Trump 2020-MAGA


  4. Send her into the desert for 40 days and nights. Drop an asp in her picnic basket. If it’s good enough for Cleopatra, it’s good enough for her. Besides, not much to look at, is she?

  5. Hope, she enjoys MBS, and his merry band of “we’re all about respecting women” crowd of his hundreds of 1/2 brouhers and nephe’s that infest the KSA magic kingdom. Especially, now they have an openly admitted “atomic energy program.”
    Hopefully, the can send her RINO rat-bastard co-conspirators to othe far-flung “critical” hot spots like pakiland, Zimbabwe, Burma, and Bangladesh. Vaca spots all they be.

  6. The Clintons would just have her killed and be done with it. She would just suddenly “commit suicide” and then things would settle down.


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