Trump Sends Ominous Warning to Iran

Donald Trump
Photo Courtesy of Gage Skidmore via Creative Commons License

Tensions between Iran and the United States have subsided considerably over the last few days, but Trump may have just restoked that fire.

Protesters in Iran have taken to the streets in great numbers to protest the regime, and Trump warned them that they had better not start killing them as they have done in the past…

Thousands of Protestors

While the media only covered the Iranians saluting Soleimani during his funeral, they have been ignoring the thousands of Iranians in the streets that have been celebrating his death.

Those numbers grew considerably when Iran finally admitted it was responsible for the downing of the Ukrainian airliner that resulted in the deaths of 176 innocent souls.

Iran continues to play this off as a mistake but with every passing day, it appears the terrorist nation knew exactly what it was doing.

The airliner was taken down several hours after the initial airstrike Iran conducted against the military base holding U.S. troops and equipment in Iraq.

Not only that, the airliner was cleared by the air tower in Tehran.

In other words, Iran gave this plane clearance, then shot it down on purpose to try to use it against the United States.

Democrats have bit into this narrative hook, line, and sinker, but at least the people of Iran are holding their leadership responsible.

Under the leadership of General Soleimani, protests like this have often ended in the deaths of thousands of citizens.

President Trump’s fear is that Iranian leadership will go down that route again, especially considering the chants coming from the crowd.

Protesters have been yelling “let go of the country” and accusing Soleimani of being a murderer, a far cry from the comparisons to Elvis Presley MSNBC’s Chris Matthews made earlier in the week.

Trump has offered his support to the people of Iran, and they are clearly listening to him.

They want a better life and they are sick and tired of having their government’s boot on their throat.

It is just pretty ironic that everyone seems to be able to see this except for the anti-Trumpers who continue to rail on behalf of Iranian leadership.

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