Trump Sends Liberals Into a Tizzy with Photoshopped Tweet

Trump really knows how to get them riled up!

donald trump

So, we all know President Trump has a way about him that just gets under the skin of liberals.

Well, when he tweeted out a photoshopped picture of the Delta Force dog receiving the Medal of Honor, it sent everyone to the loony bin…

The Hero Canine

For those of you that do not yet know the story, the dog, whose name, Conan, was recently declassified, was responsible for cornering al-Baghdadi.

According to official reports, after the compound had been bombed and Delta Force operators were on site, the canine troops were sent in to chase al-Baghdadi down.

The terrorist grabbed two of his children and fled into a cave, which happened to be a dead end.

As the dogs approached, al-Baghdadi clicked off his suicide vest, killing himself and his children.

Conan was also injured but not from the bomb.

Officials stated there were numerous electrical cables that became exposed during the attack, which is what Conan hit and became injured.

Conan’s wounds were treated and the canine is already back on active duty.

This animal truly is a hero, though, having participated in more than four dozen operations with Special Forces operators.

Visiting the White House

These dogs are beloved members of their units and have saved countless lives over the years.

However, they are rarely even recognized, let alone honored.

I, for one, would love to see some special type of medal created for these warriors.

While Conan will clearly not be receiving the Medal of Honor for his heroics, the picture alone was enough to set liberals off, but just not about what we think.

They were not outraged over the dog receiving the Medal of Honor… most complaints were for the “poor photoshop” efforts from Trump.

These pathetic individuals, and there were hundreds, if not thousands of them, were literally saying the picture was an obvious fake.

Well, no shit!

While they continue to object to the picture of the hero canine, President Trump announced Conan will be visiting the White House next week.

The dog is being recalled from the Middle East for an official hero’s welcome at the White House, which will surely send liberals off the deep edge.

If Trump manages to create a special medal for the dog, we may end up with a mass suicide of liberals throughout the country.

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