Trump Says He Is NOT Worried About Bolton Testifying

Donald Trump-2
Photo Courtesy of Gage Skidmore via Creative Commons License

Democrats believe John Bolton will lead them to the promised land in the impeachment of Donald Trump.

Trump disagrees, and he all but dared Democrats to put him on the stand.

He Knows Nothing

One of the sticking points to the articles of impeachment moving from the House to the Senate is whether or not the Senate will call witnesses.

While McConnell has stated he just wants to move for a dismissal vote, Dems and even a few Republicans want to hear from witnesses.

After Senator Mitt Romney (R-UT) stated that he would like to hear from Bolton, Trump responded.

He stated, “[Bolton] would know nothing about what we’re talking about.

“As you know, the Ukrainian government came out with a very strong statement, no pressure, no anything, and this from the boss.

“That’s from the president of Ukraine.

“The foreign minister came out with a statement that was equally as strong.”

Bolton Wants to Testify

This “controversy” got started after Bolton made a statement saying he wanted to testify before the Senate.

Bolton stated, “The House has concluded its constitutional responsibility by adopting articles of impeachment related to the Ukraine matter.

“It now falls to the Senate to fulfill its constitutional obligation to try impeachments, and it does not appear possible that a final judicial resolution of the still-unanswered constitutional questions can be obtained before the Senate acts.

“Accordingly, since my testimony is once again at issue, I have had to resolve the serious competing issues as best I could, based on careful consideration and study.

“I have concluded that, if the Senate issues a subpoena for my testimony, I am prepared to testify.”

Dems may think Bolton will be the Holy Grail, but it seems unlikely he has any firsthand knowledge of the conversations surrounding this.

Because there are actual rules in a Senate trial, if all he has to offer is hearsay, it may not even be admissible.

There is not only a Supreme Court Justice presiding for procedural issues, but the Senate can actually overrule any decision made by the Justice.

We pretty much have to take Trump at face value on this one, though, as he clearly would not be encouraging Bolton to testify if he thought anything Bolton could legitimately say would hurt his case.