Donald J Trump ‘Will Run AGAIN in 2024 even if he loses to Biden’

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Joe Biden just miraculously pulled ahead in several battleground states. He could pass 270 electoral votes any moment now. Trump has vowed to fight this alleged voter fraud in the courts. He also said he would run again in 2024 if he ends up losing to Biden.

The election drags on

Three days after the presidential election and several key battleground states are still counting votes. Americans on both sides of the aisle are on edge. Most are running on little to no sleep, glued to their TV screens or hitting refresh on their computers. Others are taking to the streets to protest in cities across the country. This is just a warm up to what’s coming.

Trump had a strong lead in Pennsylvania but that gap started shrinking in the past 48 hours. Now Joe Biden has surpassed the President with 98% of votes accounted for.

We saw the same thing happen in Georgia within the past 24 hours. President Trump’s lead evaporated and now Biden is ahead by approximately 1,500 just as the last votes are being tallied.

Trump is accusing the Democrats, big-tech and mainstream media of working together in an attempt to steal the election. President Trump and his legal team are heading to court to challenge the voting results in multiple states.

Reports of voter fraud are pouring in from all over the country. Dead people voting in Michigan. Ballots being invalidated in Arizona. A late night surge of 130,000 votes that go 100% for Biden. Something stinks, and the American people are pissed.


Trump won’t quit

President Trump is a fighter. He never backs down from a conflict and he tackles all haters head on. This is just one of the many reasons America elected him. Trump reportedly told his advisors that he would announce a 2024 run if he does eventually lose to Joe Biden.

Trump could win in 2024, and here’s why. He still has an army of die-hard supporters. If all the votes counted in this election are legitimate, it means Trump lost to Joe Biden by just a few thousand votes in several key swing states. It could have easily gone the other way. And it still might.

Biden is getting up there in age. Even his supporters can’t ignore his constant brain freezes and gaffes. Just in the last month alone he said he was running for Senate, referred to Trump as “Bush,” and forgot what city he was in multiple times. Four years of Biden would give his voters plenty of time to reconsider their choices. Especially if they see their tax rates increase.

Trump’s former campaign manager Brad Parscale said win or lose, Trump is going to remain front and center in American politics. “It isn’t like his Twitter account or his ability to control a news cycle will stop.”

The President’s campaign strategist Sam Nunberg said, “President Trump will remain a hero within the Republican electorate. The winner of the 2024 Republican presidential primary will either be President Trump or the candidate who most closely resembles him.” If Trump did win a second term, it would make him the second President in U.S. history to serve two non-consecutive terms. Now it’s up to the courts. Will we get four more years of Trump? Or should we look forward to MAGA 2024?


  1. We won’t have a country by 2024.
    If they can get away with cheating in 2020, why would any rational person believe they wouldn’t do that in 2024? Geesh!

  2. RYAN I do not know what you are thinking regarding Trump returning; do you have even the slightest idea what you are saying? If trump loses there will not be another chance, the crocked democrats will load the courts, change the voting to allow ballots maybe even two weeks after an election, they will turn DC into a state and make sure only democrats get a chance like in China. Do not kid yourself that the democrats do not want a new world order and they will get it. You will never see another republican President again. So get off the grass and either wake up to reality of sink never to have a free voice again! Oh why I am at it just look at the corruption in this election (do not say there is none) there are THOUSANDS of photos rigged machines fake votes from dead people, cancelled republican votes and many republican’s have had their vote changed to Biden. That is with people looking ( well just sometimes) if no checking it will be like a third world country and no Republican will ever be allowed to run. Look at FB twitter, Google all the media including your’s all corrupt deleting any information from Republicans and that is NOW. If they win get another job should there even be a job to apply for because free speech will be gone and replaced we want you to give the following news.


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