Trump Hints at Supreme Justice Seat, Roe vs Wade About to Go Out the Window


President Trump announced that Sen. Tom Cotton was a potential Supreme Court justice nominee and the Arkansas senator said he would support overturning Roe v. Wade.

Supreme Justice Nominees Revealed

As of Wednesday, Trump released a list of an additional 20 Supreme Court candidates and Cotton’s name made the cut, the Hill reports

It’s time for Roe v. Wade to go,” Cotton tweeted Wednesday.

Other senators on the list included Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley.

Hawley tweeted, “I appreciate the President’s confidence in listing me as a potential Supreme Court nominee. But as I told the President, Missourians elected me to fight for them in the Senate, and I have no interest in the high court. I look forward to confirming constitutional conservatives.”

Tim Cotton a Strong Contender

Cotton said in a statement that he was “honored” that the president is considering him as a Supreme Court candidate and hinted that he would accept a nomination if given.

“I’m honored that President Trump asked me to consider serving on the Supreme Court and I’m grateful for his confidence. I will always heed the call of service to our nation,” Cotton said in a statement. 

“The Supreme Court could use some more justices who understand the difference between applying the law and making the law, which the Court does when it invents a right to an abortion, infringes on religious freedom, and erodes the Second Amendment,” he added. 

In June the Supreme Court rejected a Louisiana abortion law with a 5-4 decision. Chief Justice John Roberts voted with the four liberals instead of standing for unborn children’s’ lives.

Christians Hope for Another Trump Win

Many Christians and Conservatives have highlighted the importance of re-electing Donald Trump due to his strong stance on protecting the unborn and nominating pro-life justices.

On the flip side pro-unborn baby murder supporters, such as Jenny Lawson, executive director of Planned Parenthood, disgustingly criticized the president’s Supreme Court nominees.

“Today’s shortlist confirms Trump and his anti-abortion allies in Congress want to place justices on the Supreme Court who will overturn Roe v. Wade, restrict safe, legal abortion, and undermine your civil and reproductive rights. And with another term, he may get the chance to do just that,” Lawson said in a statement. 

“Promising to appoint even more justices solely because of their opposition to abortion rights is an untenable political position. Planned Parenthood Votes will make sure people understand the courts, their health, and their rights are on the line this November,” Lawson added. 

With the 2020 election just a couple months away, many on the right are high with anticipation for what four more years of Donald Trump could mean for Roe v. Wade.


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