Trump Makes Epic Move to Protect Our Country

donald Trump
Photo Courtesy of Gage Skidmore via Creative Commons License

As we sit and await the eventual acquittal of Donald Trump, the President has done something epic to further upset Democrats.

On Friday, the Trump administration announced it would be adding six more countries to the existing travel ban, absolutely infuriating Democrats.

New Restrictions Imposed

At the heart of this order is to create better vetting procedures from countries that have known-terrorist ties.

The new countries added to the travel ban are:

  • Nigeria
  • Eritrea
  • Tanzania
  • Sudan
  • Kyrgyzstan
  • Myanmar

Amid charges of racism from Democrats, the administration has vehemently defended the travel ban, calling it vital to national security.

The law would seem to be on Trump’s side, as the current travel ban has been approved by the Supreme Court.

It took the administration several attempts to create a plan that would pass the Supreme Court’s scrutiny, but they eventually did succeed.

In addition to the six new countries, there are seven other countries currently covered under the travel ban.

They are Iran, Libya, Somalia, Syria, Yemen, Venezuela, and North Korea.

The new countries will have varying degrees of restrictions put on them.

All immigrants from Burma, Eritrea, Kyrgyzstan, and Nigeria are banned.

In Sudan and Tanzania, however, only green card lotteries will be impacted.

Current estimates are that slightly more than 12,000 people will be impacted by the new ban.

This new ban will officially go into effect on February 22, assuming it is not litigated by Democrats or some bleeding heart liberal organization.

The latter seems as though it imminent, however, as Omar Jadwat, the ACLU’s Director of Immigrant Rights project, stated, “The ban should be ended, not expanded. President Trump is doubling down on his signature anti-Muslim policy — and using the ban as a way to put even more of his prejudices into practice by excluding more communities of color.”

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  1. When the Border Patrol cannot control the number of immigrants crossing the boundaries of the United States, complaining about a travel ban against terrorist countries. What part of “Death to the West, Death to Israel ” appears to be hard to understand?

    Is the number of deaths at an acceptable level where we can stop concerning ourselves about the security of the nation. Why does the military fail to meet their recruitment requirements? Why does the nation’s law enforcement lose so many volunteers to help enforce our laws?
    Do you understand the consequences of apathy toward our enemies? How comforting is the fact that the defense of the nation is not a priority within the ranks of eligible warriors? If the veterans who have defended this nation in the past and those who currently serve were ordered to turn their guns on those who rebel against Marxism, Socialism, and Communism, what assurance do you have that a civil war can be avoided? Just remember, if the nation’s Top Law Enforcement and Justice Department can attempt to VOID your VOTE that duly elected our current President, they can also make an attempt to unseat duly elected representatives of your nation, they can do the same in YOUR future. Wake Up America!!!!


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