Trump Drives D’s off the Deep end with Pardon Announcement

Trump Michigan Rally
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Even amid a national crisis, Donald Trump refuses to allow the Democrats to get away with the hoax against General Michael Flynn.

When a new report was published in Fox News that the FBI had somehow lost the records regarding Flynn’s case, Trump stated he was now considering a full pardon for Flynn…

Bad Faith

I have little doubt that General Flynn was railroaded during the Russian collusion investigation.

Prosecutors hit him from seven ways to Sunday to try to get Trump, but he never gave anything up because there was nothing to give.

In the end, the indictment seemed to be more about a misunderstanding than a lie.

In fact, those involved in the case even stated that they did not believe Flynn was purposefully lying.


As more and more facts came out, it seems like he was either confused regarding the questioning or just misunderstood.

Even though Flynn entered a guilty plea initially, he obtained new counsel, who immediately recommended he file to have the guilty plea rescinded.

Flynn did listen to his attorney and the motion was filed, citing bad faith on part of the prosecuting team.

Flynn’s attorney, Sidney Powell, stated, “It’s just been one atrocity after the other.

“They breached the plea agreement when they tried to withdraw their motion to recommend that he was going to be given probation.”

In defense of Flynn, Powell has pointed to the suddenly missing original draft of Flynn’s 302 and 1A file as well as the documentation showing who handled the information.

The 302 is a document summarizing the interview.

Currently, the handling of the investigation is under review by the Department of Justice, but the original 302 document has still not been accounted for, according to Powell.

While I have been critical of some of Trump’s pardons, rest assured, this is one I would support the moment he put his signature on the paperwork.



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