Schiff and Bolton are TOAST: Trump Declares ‘Game Over’

Donald Trump
Photo Courtesy of Gage Skidmore via Creative Commons License

One of the more frustrating elements of our government is the blatant hypocrisy of officeholders.

They will say side with whatever narrative suits them at the time, even if it means going directly against what they said prior.

Now Everyone Loves Bolton

The revelation from the leaked manuscript from John Bolton’s book has turned this impeachment upside down.

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) has led the way with Democrats, portraying Bolton as an honest man that needs to be heard from.

This, however, is a far cry from how Schiff portrayed Bolton when he was first nominated as Trump’s National Security Adviser.

Schiff, after the nomination, called Bolton the “worst choice” for the position.

His reasoning was that Bolton would facilitate “the dangerous impulses of the President.”

Schiff also clearly accused Bolton of partaking in conspiracy theories, yet now he is saying Bolton has information that must be trusted.

This also goes directly against what Schiff said about Bolton during an episode of “Crossfire” on CNN, where he specially called Bolton’s credibility into question…

From Bolton’s Own Mouth

Another argument Trump has made regarding Bolton is that he never publicly spoke out about any of the allegations he made in his book.

In fact, Bolton publicly supported Trump after the call with Ukraine…

Even Barack Obama has shredded Bolton in the past.

In 2005, Obama said Bolton “bullies, marginalizes, and undermines those who do not agree with him.”

Democrats don’t get to have it both ways on this one as their past opinion of Bolton is a matter of record.

When you add in the fact Bolton’s presale link went up right after this “bombshell” was dropped, it clearly looks like he and his publicity team have orchestrated this right from the start.

That being the case, the only way people are going to hear what Bolton has to say is if they read his book, a book that should probably be shelved in the fiction section of the bookstore.

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  1. There are Three POS Politicians Pelosi ,Schumer and the worst one is Schiff the Total Dirt Bag If they were gone this Country would Operate Much Better . OH I forgot on Fat Ass Dip Shit Nadlier

    • Shades of “Death Valley Days” and the 20 mule team wagons, listing the worst dimocrats in congress is much like trying to decide which jackass to shoot from the team of Borax wagons. Good grief, there’s the odd squad, the twits from Texas, Michigan, Minnesota, New Yawk, Caliphonia, and the list goes on and on. Pull up the House of Reps and scroll down through the states and take a count. Then, as soon as the nausea settles down in your stomach, go to the senate; fewer to scroll through but equally as insidious and irritating as the house. Have fun but take a couple of antacids before you start.

  2. Right on the money. Just think of how smooth things would run if the people you named were gone. One other thing that outrages most voters is the Dems are so evil they are trying to harm this President as he works so hard to save Americans from the China virus. It is like the African illegals who set fire to their government housing then blocked and attacked the Firefighters putting the fire out because they thought they were not up to their standards {I suppose they did not like indoor pluming and tile roofs}. Our president is fighting a nationwide pandemic while under such frivolous attacks by the do nothing Democrats. It is beyond disgusting.


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