Trump Brings Down the House at CPAC

Trump at CPAC
Photo via Fox News Video Screenshot

President Trump got a break from the Democrat and media attacks on Saturday with a quick trip to CPAC.

Trump spoke for about 90 minutes at the Conservative Political Action Conference and the crowd seemed like it was on its feet more than it was sitting down.

The Moment of the Night

The entire speech was great, but what really got the crowd going was when Trump went after Mike Bloomberg.

With his affinity for giving candidates nicknames, Trump has officially dubbed Bloomberg “Mini Mike.”

Trump went right after him for his horrific debate showing, stating, “That was probably the worst debate performance of any presidential debate.

“Boy, did Pocahontas destroy him.

“And look what I did to her—she went out and got a test.


“Remember when I said I have more Indian blood in me than she does, and I have none. 

“Would love to have some, but I have none. … She was really mean to mini Mike, I’ll tell you, the way she treated him.”

Then came the moment that brought the house down…

The Bloomberg Factor

The President is right in stating Bloomberg has done nothing thus far, but his impact will be real in a few days.

This is not to say that Bloomberg will carry any states, because I doubt that will happen.

However, the Bloomberg vote is going to significantly impact Joe Biden.

It is a pretty safe assumption that 80 to 90 percent of the votes Bloomberg gets will be taken right from Joe Biden.

Bloomberg is telling other candidates to drop out but he is the one actually helping Bernie Sanders by spreading out the voters even more than they already are.

It is conceivable that Bloomberg could actually be handing Bernie the lion’s share of the delegates in numerous states simply because his presence will prevent some candidates from getting above the threshold to be considered for delegates.

For instance, let’s say the voting in California results in Joe Biden and Bloomberg coming in at 14 percent and the rest of the field falling below that level.

If that were to happen, Bernie would walk with all the delegates when if Bloomberg had not been in there, Biden would probably land about a third of the delegates.

With more than 30 percent of the overall delegates at stake on Tuesday, the entire Democrat field is going to have a big decision to make if they truly want Bernie to not win this nomination.



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