Trump Approval Rating Skyrockets, Embarrassing Democrats

Trump Approval Rating Soars
Photo Courtesy of Gage Skidmore via Creative Commons License

Democrats have a real problem on their hands right now.

While they continue to rail against Trump for killing Soleimani, the American people have spoken and far more approve than disapprove of this action by Trump.

Trump Continues to Soar

The more blatant moves the Democrats make against Trump, the more people fall in love with him.

During the impeachment hearings, Trump’s approval rating went up considerably, as the ever-important independent voter continues to move over to the Trump camp.

Worse yet, some Democrat voters are now breaking from the party and siding with Trump.

According to the most recent RealClearPolitics poll, Trump’s disapproval rating has dropped by almost six full points since December 2017, most of that ground being made up since the impeachment hearings.

While Trump initially took a small dip in approval rating over his phone call to Ukraine leadership, he has regained that and now has his highest approval rating since September 2019.

Americans Approve of Soleimani Strike

As bad as the impeachment hearings were for Democrats, the resistance to the Soleimani strike hurt them even more.

While nobody will ever change the mind of diehard liberals, 47 percent of Americans approved of the strike, with only 40 percent voicing disapproval (remainder had no opinion on the strike).

Even CNN is admitting that Trump is getting stronger and stronger every day, stating, “Trump’s extremely steady approval rating and a growing partisanship in the US may prove stronger than that ‘rally around the flag’ bump.”

What is really hurting the Democrats regarding the Soleimani strike is that their predictions were about as far off as they could have been.

After predicting dire consequences, Iran carried out a revenge strike it admitted was not meant to kill troops, just destroy equipment.

The final straw for many Americans was Democrats blaming Trump for the downing of the Ukraine airliner after Iran shot it down.

The more information that has become available, it seems to make it pretty clear this was done purposefully by Iran.

At this point, even the citizens of Iran are risking their lives to openly protest against leadership in the streets, yet Dems are still railing against Trump. 

Democrats look more foolish with every passing day and commonsense Americans that were not on the side of Trump are finally starting to realize just how corrupt and ridiculous the left side of the aisle is right now.