Trump Administration Makes HUGE Move to Help Suicidal Veterans

    Donald Trump
    Photo Courtesy of Gage Skidmore via Creative Commons License

    There is a serious problem in this country with our veterans committing suicide.

    Now, after a rash of suicides that have taken place in VA parking lots, the VA announced it is increasing funding for mental health.

    Helping Our Veterans

    When Donald Trump ran for office, he promised he would start to take better care of our veterans.

    We cannot pretend that all of the problems are fixed but most veterans seem to agree the VA is in far better shape today than it has been in quite some time.

    One of the reasons this is happening is because the administration is far more reactive to problems our vets are facing.

    It would be nice to see the VA get to the point it is being more proactive, but this is progress.

    In this case, the administration is reacting to a pattern that has developed over the last few years of veterans walking out of the VA and committing suicide in their vehicles.


    To address the issue, the new budget for 2021 has increased funding by 10 percent to $243.2 billion.

    Among the areas to be specifically addressed are suicide prevention, women’s health care, and the merging of electronic health records.

    Preventing Suicides

    Simply put, these suicides are unacceptable, especially when many of them seem preventable if someone where available to help these veterans.

    To address this specific issue, the new budget has earmarked $53.4 million for the President’s Roadmap to Empower Veterans and End a National Tragedy of Suicide, or “PREVENTS.”

    A VA official stated, “The Prevents Task Force will increase the government’s return on investment by leveraging partnerships with private and community organizations to amplify messages and activities.

    “Prevents will further expand its reach through planning and implementation grants executed by other participant federal agencies.”

    Democrats, as usual, are not satisfied, fairly ironic since the Obama administration left the VA is a complete state of disarray.

    Rep. Mark Takano (D-CA) stated, “Despite significant investments in mental health care for veterans — a top priority for the President, this Committee and VA — these funds direct resources outside VA into grant programs and the Prevents Task Force instead of being used to explicitly support veterans in crisis at VA.”

    He would actually go on to call the document “cruel.”

    Veteran groups, however, seemed a bit more enthusiastic about the funding, with CEO of Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America Jeremy Butler stating, “We applaud this administration’s focus on veterans and addressing the community’s unique needs.”


    1. This is a good plan. Spend some of that money on a study of why was the veteran’s business in the VA hospital that day. what were the last 2 offices/clinics/administration. My opinion is that a majority of these unnecessary actions, is going to be a visit to the “Veterans Service Center” ! For an office that is suppose to help Our vets most of the folks in this office do not know much. Simple example, on a few visits I have made there no one seemed to know what is the maximum amt of dollars per year a vet has to pay in co-pays for medications ! I believe it is $700/year. another example is when a billing issue pops up no one in this office has any knowledge and thus has to call someone down to the VSC to help. There needs to be a major education program for the staff in the VSC. There are other issues that come up that the vet needs help and frustration increases resulting in drastic actions on the vets part. But this study will should find this and other issues. finding the why should lead to ways to improve


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