True Colors Fly, Chris Wallace Completely Flips Out


Over at the unfair and unbalanced Fox News network, Chris Wallace completely flipped out on one of President Donald Trump’s senior campaign advisors on Sunday. The way one conservative media outlet described it, the video shows the presidential debate moderator as he “has a meltdown and shows his true colors.”

Chris Wallace flies his true colors

Fox News showed just how unbalanced they and their newer, more “moderate” personalities are. Steve Cortes poked Chris Wallace, the man who filled in for Joe Biden during the Presidential debate, into showing his true colors. Wallace hoisted the Jolly Roger of anarchy when his bickering in circles over Covid-19 masks wasn’t getting him anywhere.

Chris Wallace was waving the liberal pride colors as he glibly tangled with Cortes over the decision made by the First Family and White House chief of staff Mark Meadows not to wear masks during the debate. Wallace simply couldn’t believe the way they questioned the infallible wisdom of the Cleveland Clinic.

Wallace thought that he laid down a solid unquestionable law at the beginning of the debate night that everyone would abide by the rules set forth by the chosen experts. Just like on the debate stage, once he got excited, he couldn’t help flying his New World Order supporting colors. “the regulations from the Cleveland Clinic ‘could not have been more clear’ that everyone in the audience had to wear a mask,” he sniveled. Suddenly the audience is much more important than the fact that the Democratic candidate for president stood there and looked stupid while the allegedly neutral moderator argued liberal talking points with the President of the United States.

Everyone was tested and properly distanced

Mr. Cortes made Wallace’s face show all the colors of the rainbow, one-by-one from red with anger, to green, to blue, and finally purple, before his head exploded in liberal gibberish. “Chris, we believe that masks are very useful, the president has worn them on many occasions, including visiting the hospital where he is now a patient, [and] when he was visiting as commander-in-chief as a guest to visit soldiers there, he wore a mask. So we believe in masks,” Cortes calmly pointed out. “We also believe in some element of individual choice.” All Wallace could do was resort to playground taunting. “They weren’t distanced and there were rules, and there was no freedom of choice. They broke the rules,” Wallace whined.

That’s when President Donald Trump’s campaign manager hit him between the eyes so hard that he’s still seeing colors. “The way you’re starting to harangue me now actually reminds me of what you did to the president during that debate on Tuesday night.” The Trump official doesn’t mind tough questions, on the debate stage, he welcomes “reasonably tough questions. But what I don’t think is okay is for you to become the effective opposition to the president. Okay?”

Chris did the Joe Biden act and looked levelly at the camera to let his true colors ooze out smooth and slow. “Steve, let me simply say the president interrupted me and the vice president 145 times, so I object to saying I harangued the president. I know it’s the talking point.” Nobody mentioned that at least 120 of the times he was interrupted by President Trump were because he wouldn’t let the President complete what he was saying. The other twenty five were to step in like a referee when Biden was whimpering on the mat with his gloves over his head. Not what most Americans call “fair and impartial.”


  1. What is upsetting is that the rest of the “Fox Crew” has been instructed to DEFEND Wallace. I have quit watching Fox and Friends – and I love them – but Ainsley’s defense of Wallace the other day made me gag! I watched the WHOLE thing on the Presidential Debate and President Trump said it just right – he was having to debate WALLACE and Jim Crow Joe. Wallace should find a way to retire.

  2. Wallace is no longer a newsman. He drank the socialist/democrat cool aid and became a spokesperson for Biden and the socialist/democrat party. Wallace should resign or Fox News should fire him.

  3. Chris Wallace wiped out what little credibility he had left during the first debate. No one defended him because his behavior was so abhorrant. He never hesitates to show that he is against President Trump but what he did at that debate was disgraceful snd the whole country and world saw it and the only one he embarrassed was himself. The only time that President Trump interrupted Wallace was when Wallace kept interrupting him when he attempted to either respond to something Joe Biden had said or answer it. Wallace clearly didn’t want President Trump to answer lies and accusations, state his positions and for that matter speak at all. However, even as obnoxious and out of control as Joe Biden was during the debate, even screaming and calling President Trump names, Wallace never once interrupted or corrected Biden. Wallace has totally ruined his career or at least the career they he had left. He’s irrelevant certainly has no credibility and his bully tactics are not working on anyone. Clearly honesty, ethics, integrity and every day decency is something that is foreign to Wallace.

  4. Thank you Mr. Cortes, for setting Mr Chris Wallace straight on a few things. You were using some of the statements that we, the people, would have used, IF we could have had access t Mr. Wallace. So, thank you very much. We get so tired of hearing people like Mr. Wallace (who states he is fair and balanced!!! NOT!!!) make up lies about our President and also will do anything to an effort to take him down.

  5. Chris Wallace is a Liberal Whackadoodle, just like his Daddy Mike was. He may try to come off as a moderate, but he’s incapable of maintaining that facade.

  6. Wallace belongs at the Communist network, but Fox is slowly changing its stipes to lefty lefty lefty. Donna brazile really gave questions to Hillary – rather dishonest.

  7. Chris Wallace is pathetic. His father is probably spinning his grave in embarrassment. Chris Wallace is obviously in favor or DemocRAT party socialists who want to destroy
    America and her CONSTITUTION. Wallace should be fired but FOX NEWS. There are at least six FOX moderators who would have been better and the mpartial.

  8. To begin with Biden is not Vice President Mike Pence is and Wallace kept referring to him as Mr Vice President.
    I think Wallace’s true Democratic nature came out many times during the debate. He was definitely a very poor person for that job

  9. Chris Wallace is pro Nazi or communist or whatever you want to call it. All the Socialist forms of government amount of the same thing which boils total and complete abject tyranny. Chris Wallace is just one of them. He is definitely not pro United States of America. Neither is he a credible journalist. He is in fact a false flag and not to be trusted in any way shape or form.


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